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Integrative Psychiatric Services

Integrative Psychiatric Care

Pacific Quest’s Integrative Psychiatric Care is a vital component of the therapeutic process for many Pacific Quest students. Students who need psychiatric assessment and/or medication management while enrolled at Pacific Quest have the opportunity to meet with Psychiatrists, who have a deep understanding of Pacific Quest’s model of Integrative Care.

Prior to meeting with a student, the Psychiatrist conducts a thorough review of the student’s intake file and speaks directly with the client’s Primary Therapist. Our Psychiatrists also consult and collaborate with the student’s family, Pacific Quest’s Naturopathic Doctors, home Psychiatrists and/or other professionals (as applicable), during the student’s course of care and when making recommendations for any shifts in treatment. These recommendations may include medication changes (if warranted), Naturopathic supplements and general lifestyle changes compatible with Pacific Quest’soverall wellness model. With this model, our Psychiatrists surpass a standard course of fragmented care, spending additional hours – beyond actual face time – with each student, as they strive to provide the best integrative model of ​care in the industry.

Integrative Psychiatry Team

The integrative psychiatry team is led by our Psychiatrist, Dr. Shelley Ham, and Medical Director, Dr. Britta Zimmer.  If medication management or psychiatric services are warranted, the student, along with their Primary Therapist, will meet with the integrative psychiatry team for a comprehensive evaluation. As needed, the home treatment team and parents will be contacted prior to or after the evaluation. When available, psychological testing results will be incorporated and the testing Psychologist is included for consult.

When a student requires psychiatric services, we typically observe the student in our setting while allowing them to settle into the new environment. The student then meets with the integrative psychiatry team where we gather current and past medical history, complete an initial evaluation, and a treatment plan.  A wellness plan is also implemented to assess and improve nutrition, sleep and physical activity, as appropriate.

Medication Management

The wellness/medical team’s main role is to manage prescriptions, refills, packaging, and the administration of any medications and supplements prescribed. Our Medication Coordinators contact home providers and/or families to arrange for the receiving and proper handling of medications. Whether the medication regimen is stable or needs adjustment, it is our priority to ensure there are no interruptions in the continuity of care for each student.

Pacific Quest’s integrative psychiatric model allows for the therapeutic streamlining and optimization of medication regimens in a controlled setting. As wellness is an integral part of PQ’s core philosophy, we strive to regulate each student’s sleep, physical activity levels, and nutrition to optimize maximum health. The Pacific Quest integrative psychiatric model combines psychiatric care with naturopathic medicine and individualized clinical care to achieve a comprehensive assessment. Our approach to medication incorporates a cautious philosophy that strives to avoid dependence, side effects, and the superficial management of symptoms.  In an effort to reduce risk, support true health, and maximize time in residential care, we may recommend vitamins and/or supplements as part of our treatment recommendations. These are natural products with a very low risk of adverse effects or dependence that have scientific evidence of effectiveness. Each case is individually evaluated and treated.