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Established 2004
Pacific Quest

At Pacific Quest, we create life-changing experiences for struggling adolescents and young adults. Our outdoor wilderness therapy program helps young people to make better choices and live healthier, more productive lives. Pacific Quest offers internationally recognized intermediate treatment options to families from around the world. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Pacific Quest goes beyond traditional wilderness therapy programs, cultivating change by teaching sustainable life skills in a clinically innovative and nurturing environment.

What Sets PQ Apart?



Pacific Quest is an outdoor therapeutic program inspiring struggling adolescents to realize their full potential; a place offering young people and their families hope, unconditional support, and a chance for a new life.

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Young Adults


Pacific Quest provides young adults the opportunity for a new beginning. From the start of each young adult's journey, we begin exploring the concept of true emotional and physical health and the concept of sustainability.

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  • Sustainable Growth™

    Horticultural therapy is a treatment model with the primary goal of improving health and inspiring motivation for change.

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  • Clinical

    PQ Clinicians find creative ways to connect with students, producing a nurturing relationship conducive to reflection, awareness, communication and change.

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  • Wellness

    An understanding and routine of basic physical health is the foundation of Pacific Quest. We emphasize proper nutrition and diet, plenty of exercise and adequate sleep.

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Discover How We Can Help

“There is a Harvard Business School article that talks about the most important question you need to ask a customer/ client, which is something "How likely are you to recommend service / product X to another". We would recommend PQ with no reservations or qualifications to anyone.”

PQ Parent

“Pacific Quest was a terrific wilderness program for my son. For me and my family it was the most professional, responsive, well-run and helpful program to date. Interactions with all staff were pleasant, helpful and caring. The concept of the parent therapist as well as contact with my son's therapist was life changing for me.”

PQ Parent

“Life changing and just what our family needed at our worst moment. The kindness and warmth and just the ability to slow things down was perfect for us. We recommend PQ to anyone who asks about it. Our daughter feels almost reverent about PQ and Hawaii and sees it as a sacred, healing place.”

PQ Parent

“PQ was a great program for our daughter and us. It put her on a great footing. We regularly draw on the thought processes, coping techniques, etc. we learned during the program. I feel very fortunate for our daughter's therapist. She was extremely perceptive and got to many issues in a short amount of time.”

PQ Parent

“PQ was a wonderful experience for our entire family. After hearing other kids talk about their wilderness experiences in the continental US, I found it invaluable that you offer organic foods and a bed to sleep in. I recommend it to anyone who asks. We will be forever grateful for your program.”

PQ Parent

“Our experiences with Pacific Quest and subsequent therapeutic boarding school were extremely positive. Our daughter graduated from high school and is currently a dean’s list student, college junior. She is happy and has a great group of friends. She has found her confidence and is looking forward to the future. The support of Pacific Quest and her hard work made it all possible! Thanks!”

PQ Parent

“I came to this program with great apprehension and was concerned if I was doing the right thing for our son and our family. All I can say is this program saved our son’s life and changed our family forever. I firmly believe if our son had not attended PQ he would not be alive today.”

PQ Parent

“I truly can say I am so happy where I am right now and everything I have learned from you still helps me make decisions everyday. Just wanted to let you know not a day goes by that I don't think of Pacific Quest and how much it changed my life.”

PQ Alumni

“Amazing is an understatement. I can't say enough about Pacific Quest. We are so blessed to have found you! Everyone was outstanding. My daughter cannot wait to visit as alumni. Thank you! You have changed her life and all of ours and we are forever grateful. My daughter's life was well worth the travel to Hawaii. We all will always have the fondest memories, too. Thank you again.”

PQ Parent

“At the worst time of our lives PQ was grounding, an opportunity to begin anew, an unimaginable learning experience, gave us hope. I think about it often with a mixture of feelings because it recalls great pain and great renewal. We're thankful for the experience and have suggested it to others.”

PQ Parent

“Pacific Quest turned our son around in so many ways it's hard to describe them all. He is on a long journey but the changes he experienced at PQ were very significant and we are just waiting for them all to come to fruition. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the program to anyone.”

PQ Parent