An Innovative Approach to Residential Treatment

PQ  provides licensed and accredited residential mental healthcare on Hawaii island. We integrate evidence based clinical modalities, psychiatry, nature based interventions, and whole person wellness. 

About Pacific Quest


Age 13-17: Helping kids realize their potential.
At Pacific Quest, we take a strengths-based approach to help our students get to the roots of their challenges, learn sustainable skills, and realize their resilience and ability.

Adolescents Program

Young Adults

Age 18-24: Giving young adults a new beginning.
On the Big Island of Hawaii, we create a safe space to practice new, sustainable life skills under the supervision of our integrated team of clinical, therapeutic, and wellness specialists.

Young Adults Program

Our Mission

Pacific Quest Cultivates Change in our residents, families, employees and community.

Clinical Programs
A Versatile Community of Professionals

Our dedicated team of clinicians, physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and nutritionists work collaboratively to create individualized treatment plans. Every family and student is assigned a primary therapist who guides this process from beginning to end, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience.

Meet the PQ Team

What Sets PQ Apart

PQ is licensed by the Hawaii State Department of Health as a Therapeutic Living Program.

PQ is accredited as Residential Treatment by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves as an accrediting body in the health and human services industry worldwide.

PQ is accredited by Cognia, which is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits schools and learning curriculum throughout the United States and internationally.

Established in 2004

Pacific Quest represents the evolution of wilderness therapy. Our behavioral health program integrates nature’s healing capabilities and a residential program’s clinical resources and safety. We use horticultural therapy, individualized experiences, and a treatment approach that prioritizes whole-person wellness. Through these tools, our program equips young people to lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, our program is rooted in connection to nature and sustainable growth.


Each young person at Pacific Quest learns to navigate life transitions—both now and in the future. `


Our wellness program centers on the mind-body connection and provides tools for young people to care for both.


The transformation our son experienced at Pacific Quest was profound and lasting. Their unique integration of Horticulture therapy into a comprehensive therapeutic program focusing on reflection, personal responsibility, and family dynamics, combined with the unwavering support of compassionate professionals makes Pacific Quest exceptional among programs for challenged adolescents. Because of Pacific Quest, our son will have a chance for the healthy, meaningful life he deserves.

-Carolyn H