Our families say it all. Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked with nearly 3000 students and families, and each of their stories brings depth and purpose to the work we do. We receive a nearly continuous stream of letters, photos, poems, and videos from our amazing alumni network around the world.

Pacific Quest changed our lives forever. Every person affiliated with PQ was professional and caring. It is clean, well-staffed and safe. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this program. It changed the course of our child's life as well as that of our family. If you are considering sending your child here then go ahead and do it. They are in good hands.

-Anne M

My family and I are so very grateful to the Pacific Quest program and team! They saved our family and definitely saved our son. Thanks to the extremely healthy and nurturing PQ program we have become a healthy and loving family once again. I can't say enough positive things about the program, the staff, the philosophy and the results. I highly recommend PQ to families in crisis. Thank you!!!

-Kira E

PQ is a fantastic place for a struggling teen to find their way. Personal growth is never an easy journey but these folks are on spot and experienced in what they do.

-Bob D

Pacific Quest is an Amazing Program! I am a mother of two boys who went through the program. It Save Their Lives! I would recommend this to other families who are in need of emotional or counseling support. My boys are on the road to success and we are forever grateful!

-Lauren A

We have the opportunity to work with the parents whose students have gone through the program and transitioned into long-term care. The parents consistently share that the experience at PQ was significant and enriching not only for their young person but the parents and ultimately the entire family. They feel supported and included throughout the experience and appreciate both the concepts as well as the practical tools they can practice and continue to use.

-Barbara C

Our son had a very positive and transformative experience at Pacific Quest last summer. The staff was very skilled and professional and helped him get on his way to a healthy and postitive future!

-Leigh O

The transformation our son experienced at Pacific Quest was profound and lasting. Their unique integration of Horticulture therapy into a comprehensive therapeutic program focusing on reflection, personal responsibility, and family dynamics, combined with the unwavering support of compassionate professionals makes Pacific Quest exceptional among programs for challenged adolescents. Because of Pacific Quest, our son will have a chance for the healthy, meaningful life he deserves.

-Carolyn H

Our family had what I would call a "complete" experience at Pacific Quest. Our daughter's whole being was nourished by this beautiful tropical environment filled with the beauty and teachings of the plants and the highly qualified and compassionate staff. The challenging work that both she and her father and I underwent was well worth all the soul searching, the hours of writing and self reflection and the transformed daughter we embraced at the end of her stay at PQ. I cannot recommend this experience enough for a teenager living in these chaotic and trouble times.

-Debra G

Our daughter went to Pacific Quest (PQ) in the spring of 2018. She suffered from depression and anxiety. Regular therapy at home was not enough and we heard about PQ. We were very reluctant to send her away from home. However, the staff made us feel better about the decision. Now, we know it was the best decision we could have made. It changed her life! The healthy living made a huge difference. The on-going therapy with Andrew Vispo (who was absolutely fantastic) helped her immensely and helped us. We will be forever grateful to PQ, Andrew and the rest of the staff.

-Kerrie H

Dr. Konik had a huge impact on our child. After our daughter spent years in therapy, he was the first person to figure out the best method to communicate with her and get results. We developed a great rapport with him and believe that his observations and insight were spot on. His passion for his work and his compassion for our daughter was evident. Dr. Konik rocks!!

-George F

Outstanding communication, trust, and a service-focused approach are central to our mission. We measure our success in these and other areas through a series of satisfaction surveys families participate in at various points throughout the treatment process. Results of these inform staff and systems development, and they are central to a mental healthcare experience that exceeds expectations. Here are just a few of the outcomes of those surveys with well over 1000 responses:

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YOQ Research

Throughout the treatment process, students and families participate in a series of nationally standardized questionnaires referred to as the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (OQ/YOQ). Results are gathered at admission, discharge, and specific points post-discharge. At the individual level, this data better equips the treatment team to craft interventions/treatment approaches to meet student’s needs. The meta-data empowers the Pacific Quest development team to evaluate treatment efficacy on a longitudinal scale, and enhance programming.

Pacific Quest is nationally recognized as a Gold Status designated research program by the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) and the University of New Hampshire. To date, well over 1,000 Pacific Quest students and families have been a part of this study. We are committed to this research and remain dedicated to utilizing the data to deliver the most comprehensive and evidence-based treatment for every family.

Clinical Cutoff

The standardized cutoff score is established to differentiate between the level of distress/symptoms in a community sample and two clinical samples in the normative group. Scores below the cutoff are most similar to the community sample and scores above the cutoff are most similar to inpatient samples.

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