Integrative Therapy for Sustainable Growth

Pacific Quest’s unique model empowers participants to build and sustain healthy relationships—not just during the program but for the rest of their lives. We don’t just help participants work through a single crisis or point in time. We rely on integrative therapy to build stronger families and lasting support systems for sustainable growth.

What Family Involvement Looks Like


A comprehensive parent curriculum underpins a learning experience for the whole family. The parent manual provides a deep dive into how to support students at each point of the journey, common challenges, parallel therapeutic assignments for families, and examples of letters from past students and families.


Right from the beginning, we practice mindful communication. Students write and receive letters from their families (electronically). This process aims to replace reactive or superficial communication with a meaningful and thoughtful dialog. Therapists support families and their students to hone their communication skills with coaching and guidance along the way.


Each week, guardians have an hour-long discovery call with their student’s primary therapist. These discussions help guide the individualized therapeutic approach. When ready, students join these calls and build on the communication skills they’ve been developing through the letter-writing process.


Once students have settled into the routine, they start weekly video family therapy calls. This is an opportunity to further individualize their journey, practice supportive communication, and explore deeper topics.


Towards the end of the experience, we invite families to join us in Hawaii for a two day intensive. More than a chance to see how their child and their crops have grown, it’s a chance to practice and exercise the skills and insights developed. The individual, group, and private time helps to concretize the journey. (Please see COVID page for current practices)


Harvesting an exotic fruit that takes two years to mature, sharing a yoga mat with a goat, and experiencing the magic of swimming with a sea turtle are all part of the PQ joy. A weekly photo album gives families a glimpse into the experience.


Having a robust support system outside of the program is the most crucial aspect of continued success. Our therapists work with Educational Consultants, previous and current treatment providers, and school personnel as needed to develop comprehensive follow-up plans.

The Role of Family Involvement

We understand that our students don’t suffer in a vacuum. Their families also experience the pain of their setbacks and the joy of their success. Family involvement enhances communication, increases empathy, and develops usable conflict resolution skills. Because, ultimately, for the family to thrive, every individual needs to practice understanding and trust.

The transformation our son experienced at Pacific Quest was profound and lasting. Their unique integration of Horticulture therapy into a comprehensive therapeutic program focusing on reflection, personal responsibility, and family dynamics, combined with the unwavering support of compassionate professionals makes Pacific Quest exceptional among programs for challenged adolescents. Because of Pacific Quest, our son will have a chance for the healthy, meaningful life he deserves.

-Carolyn H