Leadership Team

Mike McKinney

Co-Executive Director And Co-Founder

Mark Agosto

Co-executive Director

Suzanne McKinney

Co-Founder/Outreach Director

Chris Kaiser


Lorraine Freedle, Ph.D. ABPDN

Clinical Director

Britta Zimmer, ND

Medical Director

Kellyn Smythe, MS

Admissions Director

Oren Grimm

Operations Director

Mike McGee, MSW, CSAC

Program Director

Clinical Team

John Souza, Jr., LMFT, DMFT

Family Program Specialist

Steven Hosking MA, LPC

Field Therapist

Brian Konik, Ph.D.


Andrea Sussel, MSS, LCSW


Dara Downs, MSW

Alumni And Family Services Liaison

Sarah Blechman, LSW, MSSW


Camille Bourcier, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Emma Burrows, MA


Mark Storey, MA, LMHC


Katie Kasenchak, PsyD

Testing Psychologist

Alex Kiryakakis, LMHC


Sarah Laninga MSW, LSW

Field Therapist

Program Team

Ken Watson

Kitchen Corrdinator

Kyle Hancock

Young Adult Resident Supervisor

Corinne Wells

Program Manager

Katelyn Crossley

Master Guide

Nikki Robinson

MSW Candidate, Master Guide & Recovery Coach

Anthony Florig

Master Guide

Mat Mauldin

Master Guide

Marion Christensen

Resident Supervisor

Celina Shoop

Resident Supervisor

Annette Nickontro

Food Service Supervisor

Sad’e Carter

Purchasing and Operations Coordinator

Jasmine Powell

Resident Supervisor

Matthew Cannan

Logistics Coordinator

Nicholas Bissell

Logistics Coordinator

Clare Stephens

Field Manager

Nick Poccia

Field Manager

Ki Andrade

Logistics Coordinator

Wellness Team

Emily Lane

Wellness Coordinator

Douglas Emch, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist

Bryce Healy, ND

Consulting Physician

Heather Becker-Brungard, ND, LAc


Nicole Greenwald

Program Nurse (RN)

Sierra Ferland

Wellness Coordinator

Jeanson “Jay” Duong, RN

Nurse Supervisor (RN)

Ryan Shelton, ND

Consulting Physician

Administrative Team

Carissa Crum

Program Administrative Coordinator

Feather Lawson

Program Admin Coordinator

Cyndi Desha

Administrative Operations Director

Heather LoBue

HR Coordinator

Laif Grimm

Organization Development Manager

Matt Armstrong

Recruitment & Outreach Manager

Michelle Reyes

Finance Director

Kym Waisbrot

HR Director