Adolescent & Young Adult Profile

The adolescent and young adult populations at Pacific Quest includes, but is not limited to, the following client profiles, issues and/or diagnoses (click below to view or download). More information can be found on our Clinical page.

Others include: school or college struggles, OCD, ADHD, NLD/high-functioning Aspergers, family conflict, social and/or adjustment issues, negative peer group, grief and loss, trauma

We are not the right place for:

Those experiencing psychosis, violence outside of the home, or refuse to engage in the medical recommendations of treatment are not appropriate for Pacific Quest. Students with Conduct Disorder, high levels of aggression, going through detox or with severe, un-medicated mental illness are also not appropriate candidates for admission.


Psychotic symptoms • Actively suicidal • Non-compliance with medications • Conduct Disorder • High levels of aggression and/or violence outside the home • In need of, or going through detox • Major, un-medicated mental illness • Certain life threatening allergies • Diabetes • Pregnancy