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Through their collective journeys, Pacific Quest students develop a unique interconnectedness, forming deep relationships rooted in a shared emotional experience. Many Pacific Quest alumni report that the relationships cultivated at Pacific Quest are among the most meaningful relationships they have experienced in their lives. PQ graduates often leave with a desire to stay in touch and maintain the strong sense of community that emerged in the garden. And the students aren’t alone. Through their participation in the program, Pacific Quest parents continue to seek community as well. PQ’s Alumni Services team works closely with departing families to support continued, healthy connection.

The Pacific Quest Alumni Services team seeks to support students and families looking to maintain connection, through online and in-person activities. Alumni may visit our current Facebook page and PQ Blog, or they may choose to attend one of our PQ alumni community events held on the mainland. Popular past events have included community service gardening projects in parks, rock climbing at indoor gyms and regional parent gatherings and support groups. In addition, we’re always exploring additional ways to help alumni further their connections.

Mike Sullivan, Director of Alumni and Family Services, continues to enhance the Alumni support and services offered. “We have an amazing pool of PQ graduates who want to stay connected,” Mike says. “The number of graduates is growing each year, and with so much positive energy, we are working to channel it into supporting one another and giving back. That is ultimately what community is about—supporting and giving back.”

Mike started his work with Pacific Quest as a therapist in 2009. Mike has worked with hundreds of PQ families over the years and seeks to keep the Pacific Quest spirit alive. Please feel free to email him at: for more information about Alumni Services.