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Anthony Florig, BSBA, MBA

Anthony worked at Pacific Quest from 2012-2016, starting as a direct-care Program Guide, and working through several positions including Young Adult Program Supervisor, Program Coordinator, and Purchasing Manager. Anthony left Pacific Quest in 2016 to pursue an MBA in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. In 2018 he returned to the company as the Off-Site Facility Manager to work on setting up new locations and managing the Rites of Passage phase of the Young Adult Program.

Anthony’s tenure with the Pacific Quest program combined with his business experience and education allows him to bring a unique and level perspective to the management team. Anthony has an unending passion for horticulture therapy, and especially for tropical fruits. During his time off you can find him foraging mangos and avocados with this trusty fruit picker, or perhaps up in a coconut tree harvesting his sixth favorite fruit.