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What to Bring

Pacific Quest’s wilderness therapy essentials are the items that we fully outfit to each adolescent and young adult which includes all the necessary clothing, gear, footwear, and toiletry items. This ensures that all clothing fits properly and is suitable for the elements on island and that each student has everything necessary to fully participate in the program.

The only items necessary to bring include (as applicable):

  • Medications: All medications must be in their original containers with dosage information noted on the application for admission.
  • Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses: Please include case if available.
  • Dental Retainers: Please include case if available.

If a student arrives with an iPod, cell phone, laptop and/or other electronics, these items will be stored in a secure location during his/her stay.

Note: Please do not pack other personal items such as additional clothing, items of sentimental or monetary value, photos and/or family keepsakes. Any additional items will be stored or sent home for safekeeping. Please be sure to ask your admission counselor for additional information if you have questions.