• All staff are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19

• Mask wearing, activity schedule and physical distancing based on COVID level system–see color system.

• Reduced student census to ensure ample resources and space for safe operations.

• Temperature checks on all students daily

• Emphasizing appropriate hand-washing and hygiene techniques

• Hand washing required multiple times per day, with soap and water, as well as frequent use of hand sanitizer

• Supervised hand cleansing after restroom use and before meals

• Student and employee dishes sterilized daily with bleach solution

• Elevated cleaning protocol at all locations

• Participants and staff wear vinyl gloves while preparing food

• Enhanced wellness protocol and immune-boosting regimen

• One unoccupied residence has been set aside for isolation and 24/7 supervision in the event of symptomatic or positive test. 

• Following CDC and The Joint Commission guidelines on infection control


• No visitors will be allowed on PQ grounds.

• Family visits are suspended until further notice.

• Any staff who experience symptoms are tested for COVID-19 and required to stay home. 

• All staff are asked to refrain from travel, practice social distancing and wear masks while away from work.

• One of our residences is being made available to on-shift staff to further limit community exposure. We are encouraging masks, social distancing and safer-at-home practices.

In the event that staff or participant tests positive for COVID-19, families and the appropriate authorities will be notified and suitable measures will be taken.


During this unprecedented time, we are committed to providing essential mental health care at Pacific Quest. The nature of our program asks that we create lasting relationships, provide individualized care and provide ample opportunities to learn and practice healthy lifestyles. We do all this through face to face communication and experiential activities in groups. We are fortunate that our mostly outdoor experience allows us to practice social distancing measures easily. Due to the inherent nature of our program, we cannot completely prevent the possibility of contact with others during a participant’s stay. However, we have put in place ample measures for safety from the Coronavirus in our environment.

We intend to provide specialized care in response to this worldwide traumatic experience. We anticipate the need for elevated treatment for anxiety, trauma, depression, and many other known disorders. Our goal is to provide a safe atmosphere where our students can find healthy ways to manage uncertainty and to strengthen resilience.

What We Are Doing


• Increased screening for potential risk factors, including home location and situation, recent travel, pre-existing conditions, and self-quarantine measures.

•Pacific Quest requires the results of a negative COVID PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. 

• All new students are PCR tested again 5 to 6 days after they arrive at the program.

• New students sleep in a separate bunk space until the results of their 2nd COVID test are available.   Additional physical distancing practices are also utilized during this orientation period.

• There are additional requirements for unvaccinated students.