• All staff are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19

• Mask wearing, activity schedule and physical distancing based on COVID level system–see color system.

• Reduced student census to ensure ample resources and space for safe operations.

• Temperature checks on all students daily

• Emphasizing appropriate hand-washing and hygiene techniques

• Hand washing required multiple times per day, with soap and water, as well as frequent use of hand sanitizer

• Supervised hand cleansing after restroom use and before meals

• Student and employee dishes sterilized daily with bleach solution

• Elevated cleaning protocol at all locations

• Participants and staff wear vinyl gloves while preparing food

• Enhanced wellness protocol and immune-boosting regimen

• One unoccupied residence has been set aside for quarantine and 24/7 supervision in the event of symptomatic or positive test. 

• Following CDC and The Joint Commission guidelines on infection control


• No visitors will be allowed on PQ grounds.

• Family visits are suspended until further notice.

• Any staff who experience symptoms are tested for COVID-19 and required to stay home. 

• All staff are asked to refrain from travel, practice social distancing and wear masks while away from work.

• One of our residences is being made available to on-shift staff to further limit community exposure. We are encouraging masks, social distancing and safer-at-home practices.

In the event that staff or participant tests positive for COVID-19, families and the appropriate authorities will be notified and suitable measures will be taken.



• Increased screening for potential risk factors, including home location and situation, recent travel, pre-existing conditions, and self-quarantine measures.

•Pacific Quest requires the results of a negative COVID PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. 

• All new students are PCR tested again 5 to 6 days after they arrive at the program.

• New students sleep in a separate bunk space until the results of their 2nd COVID test are available.   Additional physical distancing practices are also utilized during this orientation period.

• There are additional requirements for unvaccinated students. 


An adaptive approach to COIVD is essential to ensure safety for our community, while minimizing the impact to daily experiences.  Pacific Quest utilizes a system of color coded levels which depend on the rolling 7-day average local case-count/100,000.  This data is accessible here:  Hawaii COVID Dashboard

Levels established as follows:

  • Green 0-10 cases/100k
  • Yellow 10-20 cases/100k
  • Orange 20-35 cases/100k
  • Red 35-50 cases/100k
  • Purple >50 cases/100k