Our Partnership with Cool Effect

Pacific Quest is proud to partner with Cool Effect to offset the carbon footprint of our daily operations, equipment needs, driving, and company travel. Through this partnership, over 200 tonnes of CO2 are removed each year–the net effect is a neutral carbon footprint.

Pacific Quest also sources as much as possible locally including local grass fed beef, local wild caught fish and of course plenty of veggies from our own gardens.


Measurable Carbon Mitigation

By funding small and large scale projects around the world, Cool Effect creates new and measurable carbon mitigation/removal campaigns. Their work is efficient, effective and transparent.

With administrative and research overhead of less than 10%, 90% of the funds are devoted to novel projects in the fight against climate change. Cool Effect also partners with many major corporations including 3M, Sales Force and American Airlines.

Student & Family Offset

Pacific Quest also offers the option to offset the carbon footprint of each student’s travel and stay. Every family can offset the equivalent of 9.88 tonnes of CO2. Ask our admissions team about how to participate in this.

This effect size includes:

  • Round trip airfare for student (2 legs domestic to Hawaii)
  • Round trip airfare for two parents (2 legs domestic to Hawaii)
  • 1000 miles of driving–trips to gardens, beaches, airports and other adventures.
  • Imported supplies, gear, food, laundry and other amenities for 90 nights.

Our family had what I would call a "complete" experience at Pacific Quest. Our daughter's whole being was nourished by this beautiful tropical environment filled with the beauty and teachings of the plants and the highly qualified and compassionate staff. The challenging work that both she and her father and I underwent was well worth all the soul searching, the hours of writing and self reflection and the transformed daughter we embraced at the end of her stay at PQ. I cannot recommend this experience enough for a teenager living in these chaotic and trouble times.

-Debra G