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When our children are born, we often imagine them as adults. We see them leading happy, healthy lives. They are holding good jobs and engaged in meaningful relationships. What might happen during parenting that would lead you to seeking wilderness therapy for your struggling teen or young adult?

There are so many variables when it comes to parenting. We are not the only individuals who have access to our children and outside factors or influences can play a major role during the years when they are learning critical decision-making skills.

What are some socio-economic factors that play a role in a child’s transition from childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood? Here are questions to consider:

 What kind of school district are they in?

 Do you have access to adequate healthcare if you need a doctor?

 Do they have any physical, mental or other challenges?

 Who are their influences outside the home?

 Do you live in a high crime area?

 Is there a family history of mental illness or chemical dependence?

If your teen or young adult is having difficulty making good choices what method of treatment is best?

Pacific Quest believes Wilderness Therapy is the answer.

This model of treatment engages the body by connecting individuals with nature. Where the body goes, the mind follows. Wilderness Therapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness that goes far beyond any other traditional programs. In the outdoor classroom, students learn life lessons that give them the ability to make sound decisions for themselves and those around them.

Pacific Quest combines behavioral therapies, family systems and mind-body expressive therapy methods to create change in an individual. For example, the Horticulture program at Pacific Quest allows the patient to work in the garden and experience the growth that comes from nurturing and tending to practical needs.

Primary Therapist Tom Jameson recognizes that something as simple as watering plants and learning how the growth process works is a powerful metaphor that the students at Pacific Quest can learn from. The staff at Pacific Quest understands that as a working parent you have a lot on your plate. You can’t take a month off of work and just focus on your child’s needs whenever there is a problem. The mortgage needs to be paid on time every month. We get that.

Our trained team of behavioral health professionals will get your child back on track while you maintain a career, other children perhaps, caring for an elder or working off that never-ending list of chores and errands.

So what kinds of Wilderness Therapy results have former students at Pacific Quest achieved?

Wilderness Therapy has impacted students in many ways. Alumni of Pacific Quest have shown remarkable improvement in the following areas:

1. Managing emotions

2. Increased family relationships

3. Taking personal responsibility for their actions

4. Greater self-confidence

5. The ability to exercise self-control.

Why choose Wilderness Therapy over other methods like Boot Camp?

For starters, many Boot Camps do not allow the student to interact with their families. At Pacific Quest, this is not only encouraged but an important part of the road to recovery. Boot Camps, in many circumstances, is meant as a quick fix and does not provide the student with the decision making skills they can take home with them to manage their stressful situations that brought them to Wilderness Therapy in the first place.

In Boot Camps, children are taught to fear their instructors. In Wilderness Therapy at Pacific Quest, students develop a bond with their mentors and learn to trust and respect them. The highly structured routine of boot camps may not afford the student the flexibility needed to address their problems. Wilderness Therapy at Pacific Quest provides structure but also one-on-one time with their instructors they need to make the lessons stick.

This makes transitioning back into society more manageable. Often times, boot camp students become “militarized” and experience difficulties becoming a “civilian” again. It’s not your fault that the stresses of modern life can interfere with your dreams for your children. Pacific Quest and its Wilderness Therapy program are just what your child may need. Let us help. It’s why we’re here.

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