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Here at Pacific Quest, we have a caring team of professionals set up to help your struggling teen or young adult in a controlled and safe environment. Pacific Quest has been helping families since the late 1990’s on the Big Island of Hawaii through our interpersonal therapeutic wellness and wilderness therapy program.

Through continued work and success stories from students, it has grown to be the most respected and innovative wilderness therapy program in it’s industry! Our model incorporates organic farming, neurological research, and a wellness team to help invoke real change and build a stable foundation in your teen or young adult’s life. Through this approach, students are able to see growth within and outside of themselves. Within our horticultural gardening program, students learn skills to live a more enriched and independent life. We hope you take the time to explore our site to see why wilderness therapy may be the best option for your family!

We are here to help with wilderness therapy for struggling teens 


Pacific Quest offers a peaceful, clinical approach to a wilderness therapy program.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are not alone in your struggle. Many families deal with difficult challenges, struggling adolescents, and seem to have run out of options. This is not the case. We are here to help you through this challenging point in your life.

By incorporating horticultural therapy and introducing troubled youth to sustainable practices, we will aim to give you hope and a chance for a new start. Our horticultural therapy is not only an intervention, but, rather, a way of life that address the neurological and spiritual discrepancies in an individuals life.

Aloha Aina

People naturally want to do meaningful work that makes them feel bigger than themselves. Here at Pacific Quest, we take that belief and create nature-orientated programs to help struggling adolescents and young adults find more meaning and balance in their lives.

Love of the land, or “Aloha Aina,” is a key component to Hawaiian life. Students in our program at Pacific Quest learn through “love of the land” to also love and respect themselves. While they work the garden, the students learn that love takes consistent work and responsibility. Through repeated exercise, they begin to seek new responsibility and learn more self-care.

Pacific Quest is different than most other wilderness therapy programs. Instead of arduous outdoor climbs or remote adventures in the wilderness, we practice life skills and insight by growing food for our rural community. It helps to create an appreciation for the beauty within the natural environment and to establish a healthy relationship between young adolescents and their natural surrounding.

Our unique approach combines a small, talented team of both medical and wellness professionals to address each individual’s unique challenges, create specific plans to work through them, and create a meaningful relationship to one’s community. By mixing these teams with our horticultural therapy, we are able to provide many opportunities for health and emotional success in our students. Not only do they work with professional teams, students learn valuable life skills that aid in their neurological development in a safe, rural environment.

Some key skills of a wilderness therapy program include:

  • time management
  • organization
  • exercise habits
  • meal planning
  • cooking
  • sustainable practices
  • community living
  • self-care

Overall, Pacific Quest aims to enhance the social, cognitive and physiological functioning that is necessary to living a healthier life.

Why choose a wilderness therapy program?

We believe that healing and rehabilitation are the answer to struggling adolescents. Other rehabilitation programs offer more severe outcomes and stricter guidelines; however, our goal is one of peace. It encourages positive interactions among peers, supports individual growth, and creates a greater sense of self-purpose in this world.

Research has shown that the healing process has been shaped by direct contact with the natural environment. Our clinicians and guides are taught to use this instead of severity to encourage success. The overarching goals of your child should be to overcome personal challenges under professional supervision in a healthy environment.

Ways a wilderness therapy program changes lives:

  • promotes whole-person wellness
  • teenagers work to sustain a healthy community
  • it inspires youths to full potential
  • creates an emotionally/ physically safe environment
  • enables adolescent to find strength and focus within themselves

Overall, throughout their time here in our wilderness therapy program,struggling young adults and teens will find what they need to survive in life, figure out how to collaborate with others, and gain skills to create long-lasting positive life changes.

Find out more about our methods, different enrichment programs, and our diverse team members: You can contact us via phone: 808-937-5806 with any questions, email our staff leaders: Pacific Quest Admissions Manager, or explore more about who we are on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.