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In our modern society, there are myriad ways for a family to exist peacefully and while being mutually invested in one another.

In families where a member is making at-risk choices, it is especially challenging to enter into helpful conversations or even maintain relational ties. Attempts by parents or an adolescent to talk to one another can often result in more harm–silence, blame, lies and verbal accusations persist. Other families are able to facilitate conversations but remain in an emotional, psychological or relational rut. Wherever your family is on the journey toward health, Pacific Quest wilderness therapy exists to meet you there.

Wilderness therapy…

…is a form of therapeutic intervention that uses nature expeditions and the healing powers of the outdoors to aid troubled youth and adults in overcoming personal challenges. Wilderness therapy has been proven to enhance cognitive and psychological functions, as well as emotional healing and personal revival. There are a variety of programs that currently exist, with a diversity of models and approaches  including programs that can be tailored to the needs of the individual or family. All programs have the same purpose in common: to guide participants toward self-reliance and self-respect.  

wilderness therapy

Pacific Quest offers unique, life-changing wilderness therapy for struggling teens.

The outdoors are not only mentally awe-inspiring and physically restorative, but also provide an incubator for growth with the absence of escape hatches such as substances, video games, overeating, or other forms of self abuse. Wilderness therapy programs are operated by a village of psychologists, medical and clinical directors, admissions and administrative professionals, and occasionally psychiatrists. Programming is highly collaborative between the staff and the participants, making peer-to-peer coaching possible and facilitating organic self reflection that sustains long term decision-making.

The first step in participating in wilderness therapy is, of course, to apply to the program of your choice. As your adolescent or young adult enters the program, the second step is to have the clinical staff members conduct a thorough assessment of each person in order to recognize diagnosable medical conditions as well as the range of typical problems such as rebellion, self-doubt, substance abuse, and lack of interpersonal skills. Thirdly, the assessment will inform where the person is placed in the program as they are paired with peers and therapists who match their issues.

The program finally commences within the wilderness setting with the program being tailored to each participant. As the participants journey through the program, the time extracted from their normal environment helps to break down defensive barriers, and sees the participants through the stages of avoidance, actualized learning, and indeed internalizing healthier thinking and behavior patterns.

Pacific Quest is reputable as the most unique program in the industry, existing as a full immersion wilderness  therapy camp that uses a holistic approach to inspire and equip struggling teens and young adults to mature to their full potential. What makes Pacific Quest so unique is the funneling of both clinical and therapeutic support, both mental and nutritional expertise, both outdoor and interpersonal problem-solving, and both personal and communal wellness to shape health that promotes healthy changes far into the future.  

The model approach focuses on neurodevelopmental treatment, employing change through Horticultural Therapy, nutrition, exercise, self-care, personal awareness, peer guidance and sustainable growth. Another unique facet of Pacific Quest are the opportunities to involve family in the process as well as alumni-specific events to foster continued maturity and supportive community. Pacific Quest offers all night staff all year round, intentionally simple facilities, the lush and tranquil climate of Hawaii, a whole foods diet, and a low staff-to-student ratio making it a regularly award-winning program.

Some of the most exciting reasons to choose Pacific Quest and Wilderness Therapy include:

  • The wholistic approach and team of professionals who customize a healing program for your child.
  • Wilderness and horticultural skills foster a sense of self-sufficiency and internal locus of control.
  • An emotionally safe environment away from environmental and relational distractions.
  • Exercise, healthy eating, and sleep all harmonize to create a healthier mind and attitude.
  • Improvement in overall motivation, self-confidence,  sense of hope, and emotional control.
  • Increased life skills and general problem solving.
  • Improvement in interpersonal and familial relationships.
  • New or improved skills in taking personal responsibility and managing self-control.
  • Nature and various forms of play make therapy happen in a way that doesn’t feel like therapy.
  • Greater long-term success rate than boot camp or military camp that is shame-inducing, might lack nutrition, and does not foster peer-to-peer coaching.

There are extensive ways and ongoing research to prove why wilderness therapy is best for your child.  The decision is ultimately up to you and your child. Pacific Quest exists to be a part of your family’s journey towards health and wholeness. You can contact us via phone: 808-937-5806 with any questions, email our staff leaders: Pacific Quest Admissions Manager, or explore more about who we are on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.