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Wilderness Therapy for Struggling Adolescents - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Wilderness Therapy for Struggling Adolescents – Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

There is nothing worse than watching your son or daughter struggle and not knowing how to help. You may even wonder if what they’re feeling is normal. Teenage years are notoriously challenging, and moodiness is to be expected, right? You can’t expect these years to be smooth sailing, but it’s important to know when your child needs help.

The following issues are frequently cause for concern, and may mean that your son or daughter needs professional help:

  • Depression–it’s normal for a young person to be in a sour mood from time to time, but a loss of interest in activities and sleeping too much (or hardly at all) can be signs that your child may be suffering from depression. Other signs include bouts of crying for no reason, irritability, and change in appetite.
  • Anxiety–Excessive worrying are a few signs that your child might be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety can also cause avoidance of social activity, making it difficult for those suffering to make friends and enjoy life like their peers.
  • Problems at School–If you’ve recently seen a drop in your child’s grades or issues with attendance, this can be a troubling sign. Issues at school often mean that something bigger is going on internally.
  • Poor Body Image–Major body changes that happen during puberty can severely impact an adolescent’s body image and self-esteem. If they frequently compare their appearance to others, make negative comments about their body, or seem to be eating differently, they may be suffering from poor body image and/or disordered eating.
  • Drug or Alcohol Use–Though you may not know it, your child may be using drugs or alcohol if they are often secretive or seem to lie about their weekend activities, have recently been spending time with unfamiliar friends, or have seen a drop in grades at school.  
  • Excessive Technology Use–If your son or daughter is highly preoccupied with their computer, engulfed in their cell phone, or spends hours playing video games, their technology habits may have turned into an issue.
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How to Help

If you’ve come to the realization that your son or daughter needs help, it can be daunting. You want so badly to help them, but how? School counselors and other mental health practitioners are effective, but this may not be immersive enough for the challenges your child is facing. You want them to get the therapy they need, but you know that their education is equally important.

When traditional therapy methods outside of school aren’t cutting it, it may be time to consider wilderness therapy schools. For many young adults, it is helpful to get out of their personal bubble and use hands-on methods to grow and learn. If your child learns by doing or needs more immersive therapeutic methods, wilderness therapy schools could be just what they need.

Wilderness Therapy with Pacific Quest

Wilderness therapy through Pacific Quest is not the cut-throat, rough experience that many wilderness therapy programs offer. Pacific Quest believes that the most dramatic and positive changes happen in nature, where adolescents can overcome personal challenges in an enriching and supportive environment.

When a young adult is in nature a special relationship forms with the outside world, often for the first time. They find that they can benefit from the land if they take care of it in return. Away from phones, computers, and video games, they often gain a sense of peace and purpose in their beautiful, vibrant surroundings.

The benefits of wilderness therapy are high in number. Self-esteem is boosted when young adults see themselves thriving in nature and learning how to take care of themselves. Socialization is improved as a sense of community develops, and teamwork becomes essential. Trusting their peers becomes easier, and making friends is easier when they have a shared sense of purpose. Important skills are developed, and a new perspective on life is gained.

When it comes to schooling, Pacific Quest recognizes that no student learns the same. For this reason, we offer individualized lesson plans through our accredited academic curriculum. We believe wilderness therapy schools should benefit the whole self, and therapy has the ability to go hand in hand with education.

Now is the Time

Don’t wait to see if your teen will improve on their own. Change will get harder to come by as time goes on. They need positive and sustainable improvements that can only happen through an outstanding wilderness therapy school like Pacific Quest.

Getting them the help they need is the biggest act of love there is. Call 808-937-5806 today to learn more or email us.

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