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Established 2004

Wellness Program Overview

Pacific Quest is the only wilderness therapy program with a truly integrated medical and wellness team, working in tandem with the adolescent/young adult, his or her Primary Therapist, referring professionals (as applicable) and parents to address and manage the clinical and medical complexity of each student.

Pacific Quest’s integrated team of healthcare professionals, led by our Naturopathic Medical Director, assess each adolescent/young adult. Upon arrival, any individual safety and/or hygiene needs are immediately assessed and healthy standards and expectations are established. An individualized wellness plan is created for each student, which outlines specific and necessary components for the student’s overall health and wellness. As a student begins to consistently experience the positive effects of physical health, the setting is ripe for greater emotional health and growth. Wellness plans are fully transferable to the next setting (aftercare or home) further supporting Sustainable Growth. 

If medication review is warranted, a collaborative team assessment approach is used to determine the best course of treatment. This team includes the Primary Therapist, Psychiatrist, ND, student, parents and referring professionals.

Pacific Quest offers students a primarily organic, anti-inflammatory, whole foods diet. Adolescents/young adults grow, care for, and harvest fruits and vegetables, engaging in true farm-to-table meal preparation. All animal sources of protein are organic and sourced locally. A wide variety of diets can be accommodated, including but not limited to: allergen-free, gluten-free/Celiac, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and/or kosher.

Dr. Britta Zimmer, who supervises our Wellness team, is a board certified, licensed Naturopathic Physician. Naturopathic Physicians are trained to serve as primary care practitioners and are experts in the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of both acute and chronic health conditions. Her goal for the participants at Pacific Quest is to lead them towards feeling empowered and inspired to take control of their own health by learning about nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, hygiene, and how their minds and bodies work.