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Psychological Testing

Pacific Quest coordinates independent psychological and psycho-educational testing with a number of licensed psychologists specialized in evaluating students within our unique context and environment. While some students come to Pacific Quest with a psychological testing, if this information has not been provided, testing may be recommended by the Primary Therapist and/or Educational Consultant in order to aid with diagnostic clarification and treatment planning.

A standard battery of psychological testing includes cognitive, academic, and personality testing. Testing provides valuable information with regards to a student’s learning profile, including cognitive strengths and weaknesses, ruling out the possibility of any learning differences, which when undetected, can contribute to emotional distress. Personality testing can also provide information pertaining to coping skills, self-appraisal, and interpersonal relationships, while also helping to clarify diagnostic issues. All of this information can be very useful in treatment planning, both while at Pacific Quest and also in planning for the next steps, which might include returning to home or to a school environment or as a student transitions to an aftercare program. This information can also be quite useful in determining the best possible aftercare plan and/or setting. Additionally, many aftercare programs and schools request this information prior to admission.

Although there is a standard battery of psychological tests, Pacific Quest can provide several options for testing based on a student’s needs and the recommendations of the Primary Therapist. For example, this battery can be modified based on the individual student’s needs to ferret out issues pertaining to learning differences, traumatic brain injury, and autism spectrum disorders. If you are interested in obtaining more information on psychological testing please contact our admissions department or, if your child is enrolled, his/her Primary Therapist. Additional fees apply.