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Individual and Group Therapy

At Pacific Quest, individual and group therapy sessions are designed to help students work through personal challenges, improve relationships and develop sustainable life skills. Informed by each student’s unique neurodevelopmental needs, therapy sessions are carefully tailored. All students at PQ receive at least two individual and two group therapy sessions per week, facilitated by masters or doctoral level clinicians. (Note: standard protocol in most wilderness therapy programs is one therapy session per week). Therapy is complimented by all other aspects of the Pacific Quest curriculum. Sessions are often held while gardening, taking a walk, sitting under the shade of a tree or kayaking in the ocean.

Pacific Quest therapists hold masters or doctoral-level degrees and are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches including, but not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems, addictions, horticultural therapy, motivational interviewing, relational methods, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), trauma-informed therapies, EMDR, somatic experiencing, mind-body techniques, behavioral therapies, solution-focused, narrative therapy, sandplay and expressive art therapy.

Group therapy focus on group or family dynamics, peer relationships and/or shared struggles and experiences. Groups may address a particular challenge or topic such as adoption, drug or alcohol use, academic pressures, social media, gaming, dating, family discord and other common themes. In addition to group therapy sessions, students participate in frequent psychoeducational groups, community meetings and horticultural groups led by seasoned program guides. These groups provide a forum to address and work through community living dynamics, responsibilities and challenges and practice healthy communication skills. Students are also empowered to create and hold their own group sessions to share feelings, challenges and goals.