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Change can be a very delicate time for a young adult. Leaving the safety of routine or comfort can have drastic effects on one’s self-esteem and confidence. It can often be difficult to have faith in one’s abilities and where their future may take them.

At Pacific Quest, we are aware of the positive outcomes Organic Gardening and Horticulture Therapy can have on improving self-esteem, helping individuals to feel less stressed and anxious, reducing the severity of depression and improving perceived attentional capacity.

It is said, the garden will never judge you. It places the student in a caregiving role, and gives them a sense of responsibility and purpose in being able to provide the care, rather than their being the ones that need the caring.

It’s true that the Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program is about adventure and journey – both the interior and exterior kind. By transplanting a young adult to the other side of the world, in a foreign environment that is strange to them, demands that they adapt while on their own adventure. Students will find themselves surprised that they are able to succeed in a different place, taking part in activities that are exciting and out of their normal routine, and discovering life skills that give them a purpose and a goal. The simple act of attempting new endeavors and succeeding, or not succeeding can offer young adults that sense of accomplishment and strengthen their self-esteem.

If you feel your child, or another individual’s lack of self-esteem or confidence could be strengthened with the help of the Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy Program, or if you have a question about our therapeutic model, contact us at 808-937-5806 today.