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Staying motivated is a struggle — a young adult’s drive is constantly assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Everyone faces doubt and depression. What separates the highly successful is the ability to keep moving forward.

In today’s technological age, there is a pressure to enjoy life or forget about one’s responsibilities. Young adults are often susceptible to this notion and glamorous ideal. Life can be difficult, stressful, but also rewarding. In order to attain these rewards an individual must work for them. They must be motivated to make these successes happen for them. For some young adults, this seems like a far off dream, making some of them loose their motivation and drive to attempt to achieve them. Often, failure can be the most common culprit of a lack of motivation. Making some young adults give up, not attempt, or even start.

At Pacific Quest we offer solutions to students and families when they are in a pattern of unmotivated and unhealthy behavior. Our Organic Gardening Horticulture Therapy and field staff teaches young adults the skills necessary to plant, grow, sustain, and harvest an organic garden. Weeding a garden plot, planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, watering plants, harvesting vegetables, cooking raw foods, and then composting waste are all significant parts of the lifestyle and culture of Pacific Quest. By providing young adults the responsibility of caring and maintaining another living form, the student’s motivation is sparked by their compassion. They come to care for their plants and nature, and want to see their efforts grow both figuratively and literally.

The Pacific Quest wilderness therapy program ignites young adult’s motivation by tackling some of the reasons students lose motivation.

  • Lack of confidence – If a young adult doesn’t believe they can succeed, what’s the point in trying?
  • Lack of focus – If a young adult doesn’t know what they want, do they really want anything?
  • Lack of direction – If a young adult doesn’t know what to do, how can they be motivated to do it?

If you feel your young adult’s motivation could benefit from the Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy Program or if you have a question about our therapeutic model, contact us at 808-937-5806 today.