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Young adults today show a greater desire for money and nice things than generations prior, but one of the major negative aspects of this revelation is that young adults don’t want to work hard to achieve and obtain them. This has lead to a generational increase in narcissism and entitlement.

The generational divide in the value of work has shown that young generations value leisure time more than their elders. They do not understand the importance and reward of working hard for one’s possessions and income.


With such a generational gap, it can be difficult for parents to understand how or why their child may hold a sense of entitlement. The following are a couple causes of entitlement:

  • How a child is raised
  • A sense of dependence
  • Deprivation of the child’s needs
  • Children who have experienced early physical and sexual trauma including neglect and rejection
  • Spoiling and overindulging a child
  • Living up to high parental expectations
  • Low self-esteem

One of the most beneficial means of dealing with a sense of entitlement is a change in scenery and activity. At Pacific Quest, we offer young adults the opportunity to view life from a different lens. A lens that shows how rewarding and enriching hard-work and dedication can be and what they can lead to. With a focus on nature and environment, young adults are disconnected from the societal norms of status and luxury, and they learn to appreciate what they had and how their efforts can lead to obtaining it.

With our Organic Gardening and Horticultural Therapy, young adults learn to help their efforts grow and ultimately pay off. They learn to become responsible for something that requires their care and attention. This is not only a lesson about life, but it’s also a lesson about the joys and rewards of accomplishing a goal and working for that goal. Our innovative Sustainable Growth model incorporates Whole Person Wellness, Individualized Clinical Care, Rites of Passage and Healthy Community Living in an outdoor, experiential environment that empowers young adults to work for their rewards.

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