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As a teen matures into a young adult, the presence of apprehension, uneasiness and constant doubts can be leering qualities that can plague an individual. This is a fragile stage and a growing sense of anxiety can disrupt their life when they should be living. If your young adult is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, what would be the best treatment for this anxiety? Medication? Relaxation techniques? Therapy?

One of the most effective treatments for young adult anxiety is a form of therapy: wilderness therapy. A wilderness therapy program can be a beneficial form of treatment for troubled young adults that offer them a community living experience where they can learn and practice essential life skills.


To gain a better understanding how our wilderness therapy program works, here’s a look at the things a young adult can expect to encounter throughout a day at camp:

  • Self-care and hygiene
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Peer communication
  • Reflection
  • Farm/Land work
  • Goal development and evaluation
  • Journaling and other writing techniques
  • Group initiatives
  • Community service
  • Wellness education
  • Curriculum – a variety of personal and academic subjects and disciplines


Wilderness therapy functions by giving the troubled young adult the room to shine in reaching personal and individual goals. This strengthens their self-confidence and their ability to trust in their choices. Before a young adults can advance, they must first admit to having a problem. At Pacific Quest, your young adult will learn essential life skills that will help them power through today so that they can see a better tomorrow. Your young adult can learn how to cope, face challenges and take control of their life. Sometimes, nature is a better teacher than anything or anyone else and can reduce feelings of solitude and promote peace and tranquility.

If you feel your young adult could benefit from the Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy Program or if you have a question about our therapeutic model, contact us at 808-937-5806 today.