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While going through any sequence of change, it’s simple for many young adults to find themselves at odds with the world and holding on to fits of anger and defiance. Like everyone else, we all have our moments where a moment of anger can consume us. It is a normal feeling that we have at times. Just as we all have our moments of happiness, sadness and grief, anger is no different from any other emotion.

There are many misconceptions about anger. Many people associate anger as a “bad” or “negative” emotion, leading individuals to not express it in healthy and helpful manner. While during a time of constant change, as what many young adults may be experiencing, levels of anger may be at all time highs. Not knowing what the future holds, pressures from friends and families, and difficulties in school can all be factors that lead to anger issues for a young adult.


Here are a few helps tips in maintaining and keep one’s anger in control:

  • Recognizing the difference between an annoyance or inconvenience as a legitimate reason to be mad.
  • Taking a deep breath, stepping away from the angering situation and asking one’s self, “Why am I really mad?”.
  • Knowing the triggers. If there are certain things that are consistently bothersome, take steps to avoid them.
  • Planning ahead. One of the most common stressors is poor time management.
  • Exercising regularly. Exercise is an excellent means to de-stress the body and mind.
  • Talking it out. Anger often causes the reasoning center of the brain to shut off for a time. Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and speak about them out loud.


The next time anger or defiance rears its head, stop and ask yourself or the individual, “Why are you really angry or acting out?”

  • Is it fear based?
  • Have you been treated unfairly?
  • Are you embarrassed?
  • Were your feelings hurt?
  • Do you feel a lack of respect?
  • Do you feel controlled?
  • Do you feel like yourself?

Addressing the issue of anger and defiance and looking outside of it is beneficial in measuring its validity. Many reasons why we feel these emotions sometimes are just inconveniences that strike a nerve, but it’s all in recognizing it and confirming with one’s self if it called for.

Sometimes the scars of anger and the triggers for defiance can run deep. Simple activities and remedies are not enough to handle the situation. A wilderness therapy program can be a remarkable way to combat one’s anger and defiance with productive behavior and self-identifying activities.

At Pacific Quest, young adults learn to manage their emotions and to live with them. We understand that nature provides powerful symbolism in dealing with many of life’s difficulties. Young adults interact with nature and gain a sense of calmness, an aspect that other programs cannot offer their students.

Our Sustainable Growth model incorporates numerous activities, experiences and sessions that help young adults identify the source of these issues. Through our Wellness Program, Individual and Group Therapy, and Rites of Passage, young adults become empowered and learn to live a healthier lifestyle with their controlled emotion.

If you feel your child, or another individual, could benefit from the Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy Program or if you have a question about our therapeutic model, contact us at 808-937-5806 today.