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Educational Consultants

Creating a powerful and rewarding experience is only effective if it is part of a long-term, progressive plan, which includes structure and accountability. Preparing students for the next step, at home or in an aftercare setting, is critical to their long-term success. Pacific Quest recommends Educational Consultants for their ability to advocate for families, see the big picture and help facilitate appropriate future placements.

What is an Educational Consultant?

Educational Consultants are independent professionals who assist families with the placement of students into appropriate schools and programs. Educational Consultants are hired by families to carefully navigate the placement process and make recommendations to support the individual needs of a teen or adolescent. Educational Consultants provide an objective voice for the family and child, and a support system to help families effectively move forward in their child’s treatment. Educational Consultants travel extensively to schools and programs to discover and understand the various intricacies and therapeutic models. In this way, Educational Consultants are able to match each student with the best options to meet his/her unique needs.

How Does Pacific Quest work with Educational Consultants?

Pacific Quest has a very successful working relationship with Education Consultants. From the beginning of the admissions process, we work collaboratively to determine the needs of each child and his/her family. Throughout a child’s stay, our Primary Therapists are in regular communication with each family’s Educational Consultant. Together, we work to update and modify treatment goals. The consultant’s program knowledge coupled with the therapist’s assessment ensures the best plan for the future success of the child.

How can I find an Educational Consultant?

Pacific Quest can help you find an Educational Consultant matched to your family’s needs. Please let us know if you are considering this option and we will provide you with a list of options based upon your criteria and the specific needs of your family.

Reviews and Testimonials from Educational Consultants

“As an educational and therapeutic placement specialist who has traveled throughout the country visiting and placing students in many wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools and young adult transition programs, Pacific Quest offers a unique experience for the right student and family. Their philosophical and multidisciplinary approach to treatment is unique in the field of wilderness therapy and offers students an integrated way of “resetting.” They are living in a peaceful and natural environment away from the stresses and distractions that brought them to need an intervention. The field staff teach them the skills of horticulture and community while kids have the gift of time and space to work as their therapist guides them through developmentally appropriate, individually designed and evidenced- based practices to help them break through the barriers that got them “stuck” in maladaptive or dysfunctional ways… Parents are also grateful for the space and time to work with the PQ clinical team to rebuild relationships with their child. The psychiatric and integrative health team works to assure that each student is functioning at optimal performance all while eating healthy home grown organic foods and learns ways of connecting a healthy mind, with body and spirit. Pacific Quest is an outdoor therapeutic community that is the beginning of a restorative journey.”
                    -Educational Consultant