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Mike McGee, MSW, CSAC

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With over six years of clinical and field experience at Pacific Quest, Mike is uniquely qualified to oversee the vital work during the family programs in the gardens at Pacific Quest. Mike has a passion for Rites of Passage and Horticultural Therapy that extend to the very beginning of his career: he first found the healing power of gardening by creating community garden programs for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral issues. Around the same time, Mike also oversaw the staff development and training for a youth development program focusing on personal responsibility and good citizenship. With over 15 years of experience with youth in outdoor settings, Mike received his M.S.W. at the University of Hawaii – Manoa, focusing on Mental and Behavioral Health. The program itself has a focus on indigenous methodologies and populations, which ties in with the Rites of Passage work that Mike focused on in his most recent role at Pacific Quest.

Mike sees the Rites of Passage experience as a vital one for both the individual student and the family system. Mike notes, “At Pacific Quest, our Family Program is an extension of our Rites of Passage experience. This offers families a shared experience and model to utilize in the future.” Mike will continue to facilitate company-wide trainings on Rites of Passage and how it is best implemented in a neuro-sequential model and horticultural therapy framework. Mike utilizes a variety of modalities that blend easily with our unique setting, including Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Ecotherapy.

Mike works in the adolescent program leading skills development tied into our therapeutic curriculum as well as horticultural therapy group facilitation. Mike also provides support to the young adult program with recovery management sessions using the White Model, with emphasis placed on the “after” work of the intervention. He understands the connection between experimenting with different substances and how that is often seen as a behavioral rite of passage of finding one’s own self and identity.

Mike is a committed member of the local community, serving multiple not-for-profits as a board member and volunteer. When he is not at work, you can find Mike spending quality time with friends hiking and exploring the Orchid Isle.