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Lauren Meyer, BS

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While working towards a Psychology Degree at Southern Illinois University, Lauren started contemplating her next steps after graduation. She began searching for a way to combine her draw towards nature and her fascination with the human mind. After an immense amount of research, the world of Wilderness Therapy fell into her lap, combining two of her passions into one powerful industry. After graduating, Lauren packed her bags and moved to Asheville, North Carolina to begin her Wilderness Therapy career. She worked atop a mountain for two years, spending one year leading therapeutic backpacking trips with teenagers, and the second year working behind the scenes with the same company as a logistics coordinator.

Yearning for something different, Lauren sought out Pacific Quest. She was drawn to the idea of teaching through the lense of a garden. Here, she has learned to see the gardens not just as mere plants, but as strong metaphors for our own human behaviors and experiences. At work, Lauren strives for the day to day moments when she sees a once uneasy face gain a confident smile. When she’s not working, Lauren enjoys harvesting and eating pineapples out of her backyard, jumping waves in the ocean, and building her ever-growing community here in Hawai’i.