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Chandi Dockstader

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Chandi was raised in the lush forests and farms of the Ka’u district on the Big Island, where she gained a deep passion for the wilderness and culture of the island. She grew up raising animals, growing gardens, cooking healthy meals, and exploring the vast natural world around her. One of her favorite family activities growing up was harvesting fresh citrus, bananas, and avocados and sharing them with family, friends, and the community. Being able to share fresh foods with others made her feel a sense of vital purpose and connection.

As the Adolescent Program Office Manager, Chandi is responsible for meeting and greeting program visitors as well as communicating and offering support to parents and students. In addition, Chandi assists in supporting parents through the departure process and helps to oversee that operations run smoothly at the Ka’u facilities.

Prior to joining the Pacific Quest team, Chandi volunteered with many community-based organizations involving people, land, and ocean conservation. Studying Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo helped her further explore these passions for helping both people and the planet to grow effectively. Her passion for the outdoors and serving people
drew her to Pacific Quest, where she started as an overnight guide and transitioned to an office assistant to further support students and parents alike.

In her spare time, you can find Chandi adventuring and exploring amazing beaches and waterfalls. She also enjoys hiking, swimming and free diving in the ocean.