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Dara Downs, MSW-candidate

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Dara graduated with a degree in Biology and a passion to help people. Upon combining these two desires, she stumbled upon therapeutic horticulture and found Pacific Quest. Before officially setting her roots on the Island, she
spent some time traveling, volunteering, and farming in Australia, New Zealand and across the United States. These adventures planted seeds of confidence within her and helped her develop skills for teaching, communicating effectively, and thriving in diverse environments with varied populations.

Upon arriving at Pacific Quest, Dara’s high energy was extremely contagious. She was naturally able to combine her passion for farming with her compassionate heart to help build relationships with students easily. Through her dedication, hard work, and resiliency, she became the first ever, Young Adult Master Guide. With this title came the opportunity to assist managers in developing a comprehensive and experiential Family Program for young adults. She used her three years of PQ field work to help build a memorable and impactful experience that helps encapsulate what PQ is like for visitors.

Outside of work, Dara has earned a Master Gardener Certification as well as a NAUI scuba certification. Her favorite discovery thus far has been the Giant Manta rays that migrate to the island. While on land she enjoys tending to her bonsai trees, chasing down and photographing epic sun sets, and buying miniature figures for her future Sandplay collection.