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Ashley Cipponeri, BS, CCMT

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Ashley has built her career foundations by learning the essentials of whole body wellness. Her education in Applied Nutrition from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo and Massage Therapy from California Holistic Institute has allowed her to develop a keen awareness to the body’s systems and the importance of holistic care. During her time at Cal Poly, she founded the Real Food Cooperative with fellow classmates; assuring students had access to fresh and local food.

Ashley spent most of her college career as a wilderness guide, specializing in backpacking and water activities throughout California. She enjoyed incorporating her knowledge of holistic health into her outdoor excursions through yoga, healthy food, and motivation to live a well-balanced life. During a month long thru-hike in the Sierra’s, Ashley was introduced to the work being done at Pacific Quest. Her passion for wellness, human relations, and the natural world aligned greatly with the mission of Pacific Quest and she was eager to learn more about Horticultural Therapy. Ashley began her work at Pacific Quest as a Field Guide, experiencing day in and day out the process of transformation experienced by the students and families. Ashley was drawn to the dynamics of Family Program, uplifted by the programs ability to facilitate strong family relations. It was a natural progression from Field Guide to take on the role as the Alumni and Family Service Liaison.

If Ashley isn’t using her leisure time on her lanai watching the sunrise or sunset, she will likely be: snorkeling in the big blue; gardening, harvesting, and creating recipes with the abundance of tropical foods; hiking one of the many trails on the Big Island; jammin’ on her ukulele; or dancing with her friends.