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Do you have a struggling teen or youth and are looking for an alternative way to help them? Maybe you have looked at military programs or other rigorous mountain climbs as a way to heal. Let Pacific Quest be your answer with our therapeutic culinary arts and wilderness therapy program.

How do therapeutic culinary arts help?

therapeutic culinary arts

Pacific Quest employs therapeutic culinary arts as a peaceful means of therapy.

Therapeutic culinary arts incorporates creating something unique, beautiful and edible from your food. It is a trade that has greatly grown in popularity in the United States which has more and more interest in creating lively, healthy, and masterfully designed food. Some of the benefits of studying the culinary arts includes a deeper relationship to food, being able to see ingredients and create. It is up to the chef to decide what ingredients to use which allows for each dish to have it’s own personal touch and flavor. one of the first American cooking schools was established in the late 1800s which shows just how richly tied into the American culture the culinary arts have been.

How does Pacific Quest utilize therapeutic culinary arts to help troubled youth?

Now that you understand what the culinary arts are, I’m sure you are wondering how that relates to helping your troubled adult or child cultivate healthier habits. Pacific Quest has been founded on the idea of using horticultural therapy–essentially planting, tending to, and cultivating fresh food from our organic farm to feed our community.

Horticultural therapy focuses on merging both the science of growing food and the psychological practices of therapy to help build a healthier lifestyle. Our program seeks to “enhance the social, cognitive, and physiological functioning with the primary goal of improving health and inspiring motivation for change.”

Quick Facts on the positive effects of horticultural therapy and therapeutic culinary arts:

  • Repetitive patterned activities in nature help shape neurological development and human psyche.
  • Everyone wants to a part of something bigger than themselves. Working to feed and take care of a community through nature sparks that feeling.
  • Direct contact with nature promotes a biological healing process in the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, by crafting meals with their peers, they are also healing their bodies and minds.

What will your child gain from a therapeutic culinary arts practice?

Here at Pacific Quest, we take the idea of “Aloha Aina,” or love of the land into the very core of our programs. While they work the garden, the students learn that love takes consistent work and responsibility. Through repeated exercise, they begin to seek new responsibility and learn more self-care.

We aim to create a healthy balance and a deeper meaning in their lives. Our unique approach combines a small, talented team of both medical and wellness professionals to address each individual’s unique challenges, create specific plans to work through them, and create a meaningful relationship to one’s community. By mixing these teams with our horticultural therapy, we are able to provide many opportunities for health and emotional success in our students. Not only do they work with professional teams, students learn valuable life skills that aid in their neurological development in a safe, rural environment.

Some key skills of therapeutic culinary arts include:

  • time management
  • organization
  • exercise habits
  • meal planning
  • sustainable practices
  • community living

By working the garden, preparing meals, and caring for the land, troubled young adults will take on a new sense of purpose. They will be able to use their creativity to craft dishes from fresh vegetables, learn to be responsible for other people and their own personal health and wellness.

Don’t wait to find a better healing process for your child!

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