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As your pre-adolescent transitions into adolescence they might begin to display behaviors that seem inconsistent with their former selves. Not only is there a lot going on chemically in their bodies, they are learning a whole new set of rules, expectations and societal pressures.

The cute toddlers that used to run around the playground together have grown up and the playground, in some cases, has turned into a battle zone.

Peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, dating or even the pressure to perform academically in order get into a top-tier university all can cause stress and take a toll on a teenagers day-to-day life.


Pacific Quest works with teenage stress with calm and care and wilderness therapy.

What Does Teenage Stress Look Like?

Are there warning signs that you’re teenager might be under an unmanageable amount of stress? When is it too late to take care of it?

According to the American Psychological Association, stress will manifest as behaviors in teens because they have not yet learned how to identify stress and verbalize what they are feeling.

Some behaviors of teenage stress you should watch out for are:

  • irritability
  • moodiness
  • withdrawing from activities
  • complaining excessively about school
  • eating too much or too little
  • avoiding parents
  • avoiding long time friends

In addition to these symptoms, parents should know that excessive illness, such as stomach aches or headaches, could also be an indication that their teenager is experiencing excessive stress in their lives.

It is important for you to listen to your teenager and watch for these symptoms. If not addressed, they can take root and manifest later in their adult lives as addiction, depression, poor work performance and strained relationships.

Early detection and proper treatment can curtail these negative side effects. Pacific Quest wants to help you help your children. The unique programs utilizing wilderness therapy teach a broad range of skills that will serve your teenagers for the rest of their lives.

Handle your young person’s teenage stress

Do you really want to take the risk and see if your teenagers are just going through a phase or make an investment in their future now with the team at Pacific Quest?
What guarantees are there that your teenager is going to pull through their hardship unscathed or socially injured? At Pacific Quest, our therapy model attends to the individual as a whole, not just the part that hurts.

Wikipedia defines wilderness therapy as implementing wilderness expeditions for the purpose of therapeutic intervention, guiding the participants toward self-reliance and self-respect.

Michael G. Conner of the Mentor Research Institute said, “Wilderness therapy programs trace their origins to outdoor survival programs that placed children in a challenging environment where determination, communication and team efforts were outcomes.”

How Pacific Quest Attends to Teenage Stress

This is the environment that the team at Pacific Quest has carefully put together for teenagers like yours. Through our many programs, whether it be the horticulture program or the exercise and sleep program that our students undergo, your teenager will learn what makes a person whole and balanced.

Many of the students that attend the course at Pacific Quest have irregular sleep patterns due to internal or external stressors. They often are not eating properly. All these factors together create an unhealthy person. Therefore, the path to recovery is all-inclusive as well.

So now that you are aware of what the signs of stress are in a teen’s life, its dangers if left unmanaged and what Pacific Quest offers in the form of a well-rounded approach to teaching your teen how to live a balanced life, what will you do about it?

Is it worth your child’s future to sit back passively and wait to see if this is “just a phase?” By then it could be too late. Is it right to take preventative measures and get your troubled teen into our carefully planned programs that will teach them to identify, manage and resolve stress in their life? Yes it is!

Contact us at Pacific Quest to see how we can help you help your troubled teen and secure a bright future for them. Today.

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