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It’s not uncommon for a parent to worry about their child. They are the most important part of your life, and you want them to be healthy and happy. If you are wondering if you should take action instead of hoping for the best, Pacific Quest is here to help. We offer effective summer wilderness programs that can help your child lead healthier and more productive lives.


Pacific Quest offers restorative summer wilderness programs for struggling youth.

First of all, you may want to know a few warning signs that your child needs our help.

These warning signs include:

  • Depression–it’s normal for a young person to be in a sour mood from time to time, but loss of interest in activities and sleeping too much (or hardly at all) can be signs that your child may be suffering from depression. Other signs include bouts of crying for no reason, irritability, and change in appetite.
  • Anxiety–An inability to relax, trouble sleeping, and excessive worrying are a few signs that your child might be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety can also cause fear, nervousness, and avoidance of social activity, making it difficult for those suffering to make friends and enjoy life like their peers.
  • Problems at School–If you’ve recently seen a drop in your children’s grades, or issues with attendance, this can be a troubling sign. Issues at school often reflect issues internally. It is important to work with your son or daughter to find coping strategies that will allow them to succeed in school.
  • Poor Body Image–Major body changes that happen during puberty can severely impact an adolescent’s body image and self-esteem. If they frequently compare their appearance to others’, make frequent or negative comments about their body, or seem to be eating differently, they may be suffering from poor body image.
  • Drug or Alcohol Use–The Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality Report recently found that one-third of young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 have reported binge drinking in the last week, and one-fifth report using an illicit drug in the last month. Though you may not know it, your child may be using drugs or alcohol if they are often secretive or seem to lie about their weekend activities, have recently been spending time with unfamiliar friends, or have seen a drop in grades at school.  
  • Excessive Technology Use–If your son or daughter is highly preoccupied with their computer, engulfed in their cell phone, or spends hours playing video games, their technology habits may have turned into an issue. If they are irritable and distracted when they’re away from their technology, or skip meals in order to be online, these are further causes for concern.

You can find more information on your child’s warning signs at The Anxiety and Depression Association of America or at the Help Guide for Parents of Troubled Teens

Summer Wilderness Programs Effectiveness

Wilderness Therapy is a unique and effective method of using natural surroundings and wilderness experience for troubled youth. Our summer wilderness programs are ideal for a hurting youth. Pacific Quest’s successful outdoor therapy program, set on the beautiful Big Island in Hawaii, goes a step further. We provide individualized support that other programs often lack. Our methods are both holistic and clinical.

We combine the calming effect of nature with individualized therapy to help an adolescent heal and grow in their own way. We believe in combining gardening techniques and traditional counseling to provide adolescents sustainable life skills that they can continue to use after they’ve left.

One of the main methods Pacific Quest uses is horticultural therapy. This uses growing and maintaining a garden for therapeutic benefits. Not only does this arm the adolescents with practical skills, but it also provides them with a sense of purpose and responsibility. They are able to provide food for a community and see the natural beauty that was created by their own hands. Learn more about horticultural therapy at the American Horticulture Therapy Association

Pacific Quest’s Summer Wilderness Programs

As a parent, it’s incredibly difficult to watch your son or daughter struggle. Why wait to see if it’s a phase? Invest in your child’s health now and help them reach a future of healthier choices and happier days. 

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