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Established 2004

We are a group of caring professionals that focus on helping your struggling adolescent or teen by going beyond wilderness therapy. Since the 1990’s, Pacific Quest has been revolutionizing the way we help families with our unique therapeutic wellness program.

Our model incorporates science and passion: we use neurological research along with organic farming to invoke real change. One summer at Pacific Quest could dramatically change your child’s life! If you are unsure of what steps to take in order to achieve more stable foundation and happiness in your child’s life, take some time to review warning signs, how wilderness therapy works, and learn more about our model of success and see how our summer camps for troubled youth are a game-changer. 


Pacific Quest offers Summer Camps for Troubled Youth.

Take a Closer Look at Summer Camps for Troubled Youth

Sometimes it’s hard to notice the early signs of troubled youth. You may think sending them away to specific camps geared toward rehabilitation seems too severe. Here are some warning signs, according to the Kansas Safe Schools Resource Center, that could mean your child is on a dangerous path:

  1. He doesn’t connect risk with consequence
  2. Truency, vandalism, petty theft
  3. Social withdrawal and overall isolation
  4. Violent and aggressive behaviors
  5. Decreasing interest in school/ activities
  6. Alcohol or drug abuse

For a full list of early warning signs for your troubled teens and youth, check out their website for more information.

Recognizing these signs is the first step in the rehabilitation process. The next, is to take positive action to help them. This is not the time for brushing off bad behavior as “teens being teens.” Instead, see all the reasons why Pacific Quest may be the best option for your family in terms of summer camps for troubled youth.

How Pacific Quest Positively Reshapes Your Child’s Life

Here at Pacific Quest, we create nature-orientated programs geared toward helping struggling young adults find more meaning and balance in their lives.

Our small, talented team combines horticultural therapy and individualized plans for success to address and resolve each individuals distinct challenges. This is what sets us apart from other wilderness therapy programs.

We understand that people need to feel connected to something bigger than themselves which is why the center of our healing process comes from our love of the land. This key component to Hawaiian life will help students learn that love, and most-importantly, self-love, takes work. Through repetition and physical exercise, they will begin to seek out new responsibilities and learn more self-care.

Why Choose Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is based on the research that the healing process is shaped by direct contact with the natural environment. Instead of rigorous outdoor activities or exclusion programs, at Pacific Quest, we focus on life skills and gain insight by growing food for our community.

It helps to create an appreciation for the beauty within the natural environment and to establish a healthy relationship between adolescents and their natural surrounding. In this program, teenagers work to sustain a healthy community which inspires them to their full potential. Other ways our therapy helps are listed below.

Ways Wilderness Therapy Heals

  • promotes whole-person wellness
  • creates an emotionally and physically safe environment
  • enables adolescent to find strength and focus within themselves

While your child is here, their overarching goal should be to overcome personal challenges under our professional supervision. They will live in a healthy, rural environment which allows for more natural healing and rehabilitation. 

Summer Camps for Troubled Youth Helps Regain Mental Health

No matter the severity of your child’s struggles, we believe that investing in their mental and physical health is incredibly important which sets us apart from other programs such as military schools or strict boot camps. Our goal of peace creates a safe place for students to achieve a greater sense of self-purpose in this world while cultivating positive relationships with their peers.

While we are not “drill sergeants,” our clinicians and guides are taught to aim for rehabilitation and peace instead of severe punishments to encourage a child’s success. Furthermore, we aim to instill valuable life skills that aid in their neurological development.

Key Components of Wilderness Therapy at Pacific Quest

  • time management
  • organization
  • exercise habits
  • meal planning
  • sustainable practices
  • community living
  • and more!

Pacific Quest aims to enhance the social, cognitive and physiological functioning that is necessary to living a healthier life.

You can contact us via phone: 808-937-5806 with any questions, email our staff leaders: Pacific Quest Admissions Manager, or explore more about who we are on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.