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Programs for Troubled Teenage Girls - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Programs for Troubled Teenage Girls – Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Every teen struggles from time to time, and it can feel like a full time job, as a parent, to evaluate whether or not it’s time to step in and make some serious changes. At Pacific Quest, we understand how difficult it can be to figure out what to do. This is why we have compiled a list of key warning signs for troubled teen behaviors, so that you can help make a difference today! Remember, you are not alone, and the skilled team of clinicians, therapist, and counselors from Pacific Quest are here to help!

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Troubled?

It’s important to spot the warning signs of a troubled teen early on. You are probably wondering: how do I know if my teen is troubled? This can be a tricky thing because a lot of these symptoms, on their own, could be normal for a changing teen. However, if your teen fits two or more of the warning signs below, she could be in a dangerous place, and in need of some skilled help.

Warning Signs of Troubled Teens:

  • Extreme Moods: Mood swings are normal in teens; however, watch out for excessive anger, sadness, withdrawn behavior or agitation.
  • Dangerous Risk Taking: Truancy is the number one predictor for boys, and the number two predictor for girls that something is wrong. Whether she is stealing money from you, pushing new boundaries, or defiantly acting with no fear of consequence, all of these are warning signs of a bigger problem.
  • Marked Change: Keep an eye out for sudden drops in grades, missed sport’s practice, loss of interest in favorite hobbies, lack of personal hygiene and isolation.
  • Unhealthy Friendships: Are her friends getting into trouble, encouraging risky behaviors, or pressuring her to change major aspects of herself? They are unhealthy and can lead to bad choices later on.
  • Substance Abuse: Excessive use of either drugs or alcohol are often used as a way to cope with deep set issues.
  • Self-Harm: This is not something to brush off or downplay! This usually leads to violent or suicidal behavior.

Learn more about these warning signs for troubled teenage girls.

Warning Signs of Troubled Teenage Girls:

Social media has definitely played a role in how teens are perceived and perceive themselves. Thanks to the rise of social media, there is a whole new way your teen is being pressured: cyberbullying.

A Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, found that 16 percent of high school students, between the ages of 9-12, were cyberbullied in 2015, with a national average of 20 percent of high school students dealing with some form of bullying. The most disturbing part of the survey was that over half of the teens did not tell their parents they were being cyberbullied.

As you can see, not every teen will react the same, which is why it’s important to highlight the subtle nuances in troubled teenage girls that may not be the same in their male counterparts. Learn more about bullying and to learn more about the teen suicide warning signs.

Your teen needs to be able to talk to others going through the same thing, counselors to listen, and freedom to recharge in a safe environment.

Pacific Quest Programs for Troubled Teenage Girls

The best way to fight the drama is to remove your teen from a troubling situation and immerse them in nature. Our program is built on the idea of “love of the land” and how that translates into love for yourself. We strive to build a healthy community, practice key life skills, focus on compassion, and instill responsibility and a sense of purpose.

Many of your child’s therapy sessions will take place while kayaking, under a tree, or even working our self-sustaining, organic garden. Your daughter can feel free to work through bad habits, insecurities, and build a plan for a success all within our safe homestead on the beautiful Big island of Hawaii. No matter what your teen is going through, there is help and new beginning at Pacific Quest!

You can learn more about the proven benefits of our horticultural therapy program.

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