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Spreading Aloha to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Last week Pacific Quest’s Executive Director Mark Agosto and Kellyn Smythe traveled to Houston to share the aloha spirit with victims of Hurricane Harvey.  With support from the team at Academic Answers, needs like diapers, mattresses, food, refrigerators, clothing, bedding, and a full set of new kitchen appliances were identified and fulfilled.  However, in a whirlwind of shopping, moving, organizing, and delivering, it became clear that the Aloha Spirit was already there.

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A Message From Mark Agosto

This month we hear from our Co-Executive Director, Mark Agosto, who shares his vision for building a healthier organization - what that looks like and how we can work together to achieve this goal.

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I am writing to tell you that we are about to embark on the transformation of our organization.  Together, we are going to build a healthy organization. Ok, right about now is when you roll your eyes.  I get it… I get it because, well, sometimes we just don’t get it.  But that’s all about to change…

"So, what is a healthy organization?"

A healthy organization has strong leadership, minimal politics, minimal confusion, high morale, high productivity, and low turnover.  

"Ok then how do we become a healthy company?"

It starts with mutual trust, open communication, creating clarity within the organization and empowering employees.  As an organization we must also be flexible, and promote employee wellness. Finally, we must work hard, but also have fun. Over the next several months and then on a continual basis we will be asking ourselves some very important questions:

Why do we exist as an organization?

How do we behave?

What do we really do?

How will we succeed?

What is most important right now?

Who must do what?

This is a movement about knowing exactly who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we recognize people who are successful at PQ.

You may have noticed small transformations already happening in your department or around you. We want to minimize organizational politics and find ways to profoundly impact our mission. Our goals are to improve communication, cooperation, teamwork and ultimately employee satisfaction. As an organization, we are striving to develop the best team, culture, and systems so that we can work through the inevitable challenges we must overcome to achieve our goals.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.


(For more information on what makes a healthy organization I encourage you to read Patrick Lencioni’s, The Advantage)


Hawai`i Hosts International Sandplay Therapy Congress

PQ's Clinical Director, Dr. Lorraine Freedle recently presented original research on the neuropsychology of Sandplay Therapy and the role of Sandplay in the treatment of students with co-occurring trauma and substance use disorders.


Sandplay therapists and researchers from 24 countries gathered in Kailua-Kona this summer to explore the latest trends in Jungian Sandplay Therapy and to participate in the 24th Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST).

With support from my Pacific Quest ohana and the Hawai`i sandplay community, I served as the primary conference organizer and host. After two years of planning and anticipation, we were excited to realize that the conference surpassed all expectations!

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Pacific Quest Fall Tour 2017

As many of you know, PQ recently hosted a program tour for some of our referring professionals. It’s always a special treat to provide guests the opportunity to see first hand our beautiful gardens and meet our talented team.

Overall, it was a great experience and we are thankful to everyone who made it out to the Big Island as well as to our dedicated team who made this visit a success!  

Denise Westman, Outreach Director comments, “We appreciate everyone for taking the time to join us for this full two-day intensive visit. This is an incredible opportunity to gain a better understanding of our program and take a glimpse into the powerful work occurring at PQ as well as feel the authenticity that shines through our staff. Mahalo to all!’’

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>> Read more about the tour!

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