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Eat Local Initiative at PQ!

“The need for self-sufficiency is both practical and emotional.  The young people we serve benefit by knowing where their food comes from and taking an active role in sustaining their community.  At PQ, we believe the experience of self-sufficiency is transferable and relevant across the lifespan.”

  - Travis Slagle, Horticultural Therapy Director

In mid April of 2016 we started the Eat Local Initiative at our Young Adult Program at Reeds Bay. This initiative was designed to help track the amount of produce being harvested, being cooked, as well as to help create motivation in the student milieu. It’s set up so that every time we grow and harvest food from our gardens, we weigh it, clean in, and document it. 

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Healthy Self = Heal + Thy + Self

Pacific Quest's Admissions Coordinator, Cynthia Albers, shares a personal story of how growing and eating nutritious food has played a significant role in her life.  As part of the PQ team she sees first hand how working in the garden fosters ways for students and staff alike to build a meaningful connection to food and nutrition. 

There is an onslaught of advice, cautions, directives and warnings supposedly to guide us toward a healthy lifestyle.  So, what, exactly, does it mean to be healthy?  What does healthy feel like?  At Pacific Quest students are given the opportunity to ask themselves this same question and discern what that means to them by practicing the five pillars of health…and nutrition is on that list. 

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PQ Featured On LA Talk Radio

Dr. John Souza, Primary Therapist and Mike Sullivan, Alumni & Family Services Director were recently featured on LA Talk Radio "Answers For the Family".  During the program they shared their experiences with developing and implementing family therapy with young adults, often referred to as “emerging adults”, in an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare setting. Additionally, Mike and John compared the common “myths” with the facts of emerging adulthood, while also providing insights into the importance of deepening family engagement with this population, as well as how nature-assisted therapy can promote both immediate and long-term improvements in family functioning.


>> Listen to the show and learn more!

PQ on the Move!

Team PQ is looking forward to seeing our friends & colleagues at IECA Washington, DC next week!  We hope you can join us for Lorraine & Britta's presentation!

Presentation: Health from the Inside Out: Strength-based treatment approaches for body image, self concept, and wellness in young people.

Presenter: Lorraine Freedle, Ph.D., ABPdN and Britta Zimmer, ND 

When: Thursday, November 16 at 1:30 – 2:45PM

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