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Pacific Quest Reviews

Pacific Quest Reviews

Read the Pacific Quest reviews about our wilderness therapy program.

Are you looking for a different way to help your struggling child or youth? Maybe you have heard about our wilderness therapy program, but you are still unsure of how it works and whether or not it’s successful? This is why we have put together some of the Pacific Quest reviews we have received from parents, alumni, and even observations about the benefits of wilderness therapy from clinical professionals to give you a better idea of why Pacific Quest is the best place for your child.

The Pacific Quest Approach

Pacific Quest is a wilderness therapy retreat with a treatment model that focuses on evidence-based therapeutic methods to promote whole person wellness and neurodevelopment. While some other treatment options focus on rigorous mountain climbs or a strict boot camp, Pacific Quest incorporates regular outdoor therapy sessions, horticultural therapy within our organic garden to sustain our community, and individualized clinical plans for your child’s overall success.

Learn more about what sets Pacific Quest apart from other treatment programs. There are so many benefits to fighting addiction and depression with the help of nature.

Pacific Quest Reviews from Parents

While it’s one thing to read about the benefits of this program, it’s another to hear what actual parents and PQ Alumni have to say about our program. Let’s take a look at what some parents have taken away from this experience below.

“Pacific Quest was a perfect program match for our son, who was lost in so many ways. The program, the staff, the location, the therapists–all of these elements of PQ coalesced to help him find his way. He loved the beautiful setting and the land work. He worked hard, figuring things out, making progress in his own time. His therapist was wonderful and our weekly family sessions were helpful for all of us.

The mid-program parent weekend was amazing–and we parents discovered we were not alone! I will be forever grateful for PQ and the opportunity it gave our family to be stronger and healthier. PQ was a great stepping stone for our son, who continued to learn and grow at a residential treatment boarding school. After he graduated from high school, he went to Art School, where he is thriving and living his dream. PQ was an integral part of his progress and we are so thankful he could attend the program and start turning his life around.” – Alumni Parent

“Pacific Quest saved our daughter’s life. She would tell you the same thing. She worked very hard on herself and received great therapy. We will be forever grateful to PQ!” -PQ Parent

Pacific Quest Reviews from Alumni

As the alumni parent mentioned above, the team at Pacific Quest wants to be a stepping stone to a healthier more purposeful lifestyle. Even though it’s vital that you, as a parent feels motivated and moved by the program, it’s even more important that our students take away a meaningful and revitalizing experience. Let’s hear what some of them have to say below.

“I was sent to Pacific Quest, a self development program in Hawaii. It was there where I learned everything I needed to improve my grades, help myself, and better my community. In a way it was my rite of passage into becoming an adult.” -PQ Alumni

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help during my stay at PQ, I have been able to grow so much because of it and will continue to do so.” -PQ Alumni

As more and more clinical professionals use wilderness therapy to help struggling individuals, the more we see an increase in positive results as well as happier, healthier families.

Check out what two leading psychologist had to say about wilderness therapy in an article from the American Psychological Association. Let the case-study results and the testimonials speak for themselves!

Help Is Only A Phone Call Away

As you can see from above, Pacific Quest is focused on working for a better, healthier life for the participants and their families. We center on grounding struggling individuals by building better lifestyle changes and helping to find a deeper meaning within their lives. Let the skilled team of medical and therapeutic professionals with Pacific Quest help you and your family today.

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