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Pacific Quest Testimonials

Pacific Quest Testimonials

“Pacific Quest …your fingerprints remain…you changed a life. Beyond grateful to its people and its place.” -Pacific Quest Parent

Pacific Quest is a wilderness therapy program that goes above and beyond the status quo. Other programs aimed at teens are often black and white, forcing you to choose between wilderness therapy and traditional therapy methods. At Pacific Quest we use a neurodevelopmental approach combined with horticultural therapy. This unique blend allows adolescents and teens to receive individualized therapy while also benefitting from whole-person wellness.

Organic gardening, cooking farm-to-table, exercise, and meditation are just a few examples of the many activities we use to help build sustainable wellness in the students at Pacific Quest. With full-time doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and other wellness professionals on-site at all times, Pacific Quest is a safe place you can trust to send your child, knowing they will be changed for the better if you do.

Pacific Quest Testimonials from Parents

“Pacific Quest saved our daughter’s life. She would tell you the same thing. She worked very hard on herself and received great therapy. We will be forever grateful to PQ!”

“We are still very appreciative of our son’s time at PQ. It stabilized his anxiety, outbursts and withdrawal at home, and truancy issues (as well as provided support to us as parents during a very stressful, highly emotional time).”

Pacific Quest Testimonials from Alumni

“Pacific Quest gave me the boost I needed to get back on track with my ambitions in life. I transitioned from a child who didn’t know how to tap into their motivations (failing every class I took in the process) to someone who was highly motivated and self-confident, ultimately graduating high school in the top 10% of my class with a sense of purpose, ready to take on college.”

“Pacific Quest was incredibly successful in turning my life around. I went from being depressed and suicidal when I arrived to being a happy, successful, and contributing member of the Ohana as well as my family. The things I learned at PQ helped prepare me to be more emotionally mature than the vast majority of people my age and helped set me up for later academic success. I am now very happy and use tools from PQ to help me stay successful.”

“If there is one thing PQ taught me that I can take with me forever. It’s to love everything about myself and being alone with myself and that I am a pretty cool person…. Since PQ I don’t think I’ve ever been bored.” (from our Facebook page)

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Clinical Director Dr. Lorraine Freedle has this to say about our therapeutic model:

“A lot of programs talk about such an approach, but PQ actually harnesses the power of nature and practices complete wellness, with qualified staff working together on every aspect. PQ works because it is an individualized, comprehensive and neurodevelopmentally-informed approach. Everyone’s brain works differently. At PQ we can design strategies that reach our students and move them through a deep and lasting change process.”

If you’re ready to take real and life-changing action to help your struggling son or daughter, look no further than Pacific Quest. Other programs can do more harm than good because they aren’t the right fit for all adolescents. At Pacific Quest, we welcome your child as they areand shape who they become.

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