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Transition & Aftercare

We believe a student’s stay at Pacific Quest is just the beginning of positive and meaningful change. In order for sustainable change, families need to plan for the most effective aftercare placement, and the transition out of Pacific Quest and into new environments.

Philosophically, the program at Pacific Quest is designed to address “the big picture.” From the start, we talk to students and their families about sustainability in our lives. We look at ways to grow and learn emotionally, mentally and physically in a way that does not deplete all our resources at once. Student’s learn this concept directly from our garden, and begin to understand the importance of this in their future.

During the last phase of their stay at Pacific Quest, students are asked to incorporate changes in themselves and what they have learned thus far into their time left here. They are asked to give back to the Pacific Quest community by sharing their experience and expertise with other students. Further, they share themselves with the community around them. Students care for local beaches, native forests, and help with local events and groups. In this way, they begin to test and practice interactions with the outside environment.

The therapists at Pacific Quest develop and present an assessment of a student’s needs in the next placement and transition. They work with families, students and educational consultants to determine the next best fit for the student. All will then review plans for the transition from Pacific Quest as soon as available. Students are given as much information about the new environment as possible and, if appropriate, are able to be a part of the choices ahead of them. Most students have the chance to talk to their parents and educational consultants about these plans, and discuss any struggles and challenges that lay ahead.

Upon discharge, therapists at Pacific Quest provide an immediate transition summary to a student’s new residential placement. This is followed by a more detailed discharge summary provided to parents and future placements. Therapists may provide student contracts and/or more specific transition tools if necessary. Appropriate follow-up care is provided by the student’s Pacific Quest therapist, as needed, to ensure a smooth and successful transition.