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Community Service & Outings

Pacific Quest is committed to the concept of civic responsibility and community stewardship. Community service and the ability to “give back” are essential cornerstones of each student’s program at Pacific Quest. Becoming a steward of one’s environment begins with self-care. As students become advocates for the healthy planning and management of a well body, they can better focus on their emotional self, their immediate environment and the larger community. Empowering students to be active participants in this process promotes positive and meaningful engagement in society.

The Big Island of Hawaii provides a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in service to others. Students organize major cleanups of local beaches and ponds, removal of invasive species at Punalu’u Park, invasive plant removal on the Niaulani Nature trail, fence line clearing in conjunction with the local Nature Conservancy and farm maintenance. PQ students also volunteer at community centers, and landscape projects at the local elementary school. Additionally, PQ students sell excess produce harvested from our camp gardens at the local Farmer’s Market. 100% of funds raised are donated to youth organizations in the surrounding community.

In addition to Community Service outings, at appropriate intervals, students also have the opportunity to explore the Big Island’s diverse cultural, historical and scenic offerings. These outings allow students to learn about the vastly different bioregions of the island and to engage in healthy fun!

Students explore various white sand beaches ideal for snorkeling, black sand beaches perfect for spotting sea turtles and whales, and day hikes to green sand beaches to take in the windy, sweeping views of the southernmost point in the country. Students hike trails in Volcanoes National Park and other forest and wilderness areas. Each outing also includes a community service component allowing students the opportunity to give back and contribute to sites visited.