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March 2018
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Gender Education and DeMystification Symposium

Elnur “El” Gajiev, PsyD

It was a crisp late February morning in Salt Lake City; snow falling upon the Wasatch mountain range to the east and the Oquirrh range to the west – quite a different scene than the tropic landscapes of Hawai’i that I’d become accustomed to. Yet, here in the heart of snowy Utah, I found myself in the midst of an inspiring collection of clinicians, program administrators, educational consultants, frontline staff, students, learners, and phenomenal speakers. We had gathered for the third annual Gender Education and DeMystification Symposium (GEMS) Conference – an event dedicated to expanding the awareness, knowledge, and skillful practice of engaging with gender-expansive youth.

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Student Testimonial

A Personal Reflection After PQ

We always enjoy receiving letters from past students – who share updates on how they are doing, how their experience at Pacific Quest has impacted them and how life post PQ is unfolding.  This is a letter from a student to her therapist – what an inspiring testimonial to the powerful work that takes place here!

“ …I’ve been thinking a lot about my experience at PQ since leaving and just wanted to share some of my major takeaways with you since you were an integral part of my stay. I am so grateful for you and the role you played in my growth at PQ and beyond. Since coming home, things have certainly not been easy but I have learned so much and become such a stronger person in the process and I feel like I am really headed in the right direction at this point. I’m amazed at how much things have changed since I was in Hawaii! Looking back it’s sometimes hard to believe I’m still the same person. I thought when I graduated that I had learned a ton, and I did, but so much of that learning came after I had time to process the whole experience and live it out on my own.

PQ Alumni Update: Getting Our Daughter and Her Sparkle Back

…PQ was so hard, those 81 days, but it was oh so incredibly worth it! It saved and changed my life. I didn’t want to admit it for a really long time, but I needed PQ. I needed to go far away, get out of my comfort zone, be in a new place with new people, to first lose but then find myself, in a group of people who finally, really, truly, understood me and now I am finally starting to understand and love myself on a whole new level I never saw as possible…”

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From the Kitchen

The Amazing Soursop!

Soursop also know as Graviola is a tasty fruit found in tropical regions throughout the world. Its white pulp tastes like a combination of pineapple and strawberry with hints of citrus.  Soursop boasts numerous health benefits – including a high content of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds, it’s anti-parasitic and improves gastro-intestinal health.  We have soursop growing in our gardens at PQ and students enjoy harvesting the fruit and getting creative in the kitchen! Recently, we made a delicious ice cream for dessert – it has a refreshingly tangy sweet flavor and is a new favorite!  Check out the recipe!

Combine the following ingredients into the blender:

½ seeded soursop fruit

juice of 1 large grated ginger root

juice of 2 lemons

zest of 1 lemon

½ cup honey

32 oz plain yogurt

1 can coconut milk


Place in the freezer for 3 hours then serve over granola ~ Enjoy!

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