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“The Earth has music for those who listen.” -William Shakespeare

Besides probably math, music is a universal language—and certainly more entertaining than the former. Think of a time when you were sad and played your favorite song to invoke happier memories or inspire confidence. That beautiful moment allowed you to process your feelings in a healthy manner and channel your emotions into a healthy outlet. This is the idea behind music therapy.

Music Therapy: A New Approach to Health and Wellness

Music Therapy began it’s formal roots around 1940 with the establishment of several associations–the most notable being The National Foundation of Music Therapy–but didn’t get implicated as an organized professional study until the later half of the century. Currently, the American Music Therapy Association represents music therapist in the United States as well as 30 countries around the world. The time has come to for new approach to effective healing. According to the American Music Therapy Association, Music Therapy is “an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.”

Music Therapy at Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy

Music Therapy at Pacific Quest Wilderness Therapy

So, how does it work exactly? Music Therapy works by having a trained therapist asses each individual’s unique needs and find a treatment that is specific to each cases. Treatments include: creating, singing, moving to, or listening to music. Music is perfect for those struggling with communication to make breakthroughs. research shows the effectiveness of overall physical rehabilitation, increasing motivation, providing emotional support, and creating a healthy creative outlet for expressing one self. To learn more about music therapy, check out the American Music Therapy Association.

Whole Person Wellness with Music Therapy

At Pacific Quest, we are all about engaging troubled youths, and helping them make better choices so that they can live healthier, more meaningful lives. On top of working with our certified horticulturalists and therapists to cultivate our garden, students will also explore creating music, or storytelling, or releasing through movement and dance. We have both research and passion backing up our work, and we aim to help your child find deeper meaning in their lives. Pacific Quest isn’t your traditional therapy program, and we make sure that each individual leaves with basic skills to thrive as a human being as well as a deep connection to both nature and themselves.

Music Therapy: Separating The Pressure From The Person

In this age, there are countless stresses in your child’s life. Just imagine how many different electronic devices they could have from their phones, to tablets, laptops, apple watches, etc. Not only do they have a constant ringing of different social media applications, they are also trying to connect to their peers- who are also engaging on these platforms. Being a kid is hard enough with all the hormonal changes that this new wave of technology adds additional pressures. How should they look? What should they do about their new romantic relationships? What college should they go to and what subject to major in? They are also super aware of what everyone else appears to have which can make them feel inadequate or unpopular.

Needless to say, there are a LOT of ways your child could be negatively affected and stressed out and Music Therapy can help.

Here at Pacific Quest, we understand that these are new challenges that everyone, especially youths, are struggling with today. This is why we underline the importance of returning to nature to find both clarity and peace. With Music Therapy, your child will explore different personal strengths and weakness in a safe environment as they write, sing, move to, or listen to music. Music will become their creative outlet as well as an avenue to channel their struggles, frustrations, achievements, and more. Music therapy is simply one of the many ways we work with your troubled youth to help them grow and embrace their true potential. You can learn more about all our programs.

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