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Thanks to satellite radio stations, music that was popular when you were a teenager is just a click away.

Certain songs can make you feel like you’re 16 again and, with a wave of nostalgia, take you back to moments decades in the past. Music is transformative, evocative and even therapeutic and often expresses feelings in ways that are both original and familiar.

While just listening to music can be helpful for some people, writing and playing music for others gives them the outlet they need to work through their feelings. Many teenagers, in particular, use music to relieve teenage stress and find it’s a cathartic, beneficial approach to therapy.

Music Therapy for Troubled Teens at Pacific Quest

Music Therapy for Troubled Teens at Pacific Quest

At Pacific Quest, we are committed to offering teens and young adults options within our wilderness and horticulture therapy framework. Our nearly 20 years of experience has taught us that a client-centered treatment model is the only one that will have a lasting, positive effect for our students and their families.

What is Music Therapy for Troubled Teens

While music as a healing medium dates back to ancient civilizations, music therapy developed during World War I and World War II as a means for helping veterans. Not only did veterans listen to musicians, but they also learned to play music themselves as a means to alleviate some of the emotional trauma they suffered during the war.

Music therapy as a health profession has broadened to include a variety of treatments for everyone from Alzheimer’s patients to children with autism who are learning to improve their communication skills. Given the physical, emotional, cognitive and social benefits of music therapy, using music to relieve teenage stress can be a revolutionary approach for some families. You can learn more about music therapy by following this link: 

In a 2013 study cited in the Journal of American Medicine Association Pediatricsresearchers found that music can help alleviate stress in pediatric emergency room patients. The study included 42 children ages 3 to 11, and the patients who listened to relaxing music while having an IV inserted showed signs of less pain and less distress than those patients who didn’t listen to music during this type of procedure.

In music therapy programs for troubled teens, teens can write, sing, play, dance to or listen to music, depending on their individual needs. This type of therapy also provides an effective means of communication for teens who find it difficult to express themselves. Keeping a journal and writing music can provide many teenagers with the means of voicing their feelings for their own benefit instead of for a school assignment or to broadcast their thoughts to their friends.

How Pacific Quest and Music Therapy for Troubled Teens is Different

With the ubiquity of social media, teens today face a constant onslaught of information and reminders of what their friends are feeling or what they’re doing. In addition, teenagers often have several hours of homework as well as their extracurricular obligations. The other stressors are challenges we all faced, including conflicts with friends, navigating romantic relationships and applying to college. Using music to relieve teenage stress can be very effective and empowering for many teens dealing with these stressors. To learn more about the positive effects of music therapy, please follow this link:

The team at Pacific Quest knows that traditional therapy doesn’t work for some teens, so we created an environment on Hawaii’s Big Island where we incorporate wilderness and horticulture therapies. We help teens engage in challenges that mirror real-life situations, and we teach them critical thinking skills to process their emotions in positive ways.

By combining a neurodevelopmental treatment technique with horticulture therapy, the Pacific Quest team uses the calming effects of nature with individualized therapy and teaches various practical skills, such as goal setting, time management, organization, community living, exercise and self-care. In addition, this type of adventure-based therapy offers students many opportunities to learn how to work effectively with others, to communicate in positive ways and to deal with the natural consequences of their choices.

Because our programs are client-centered, we use music to relieve teenage stress for our students who express an interest or for those students who we feel can benefit from the calming effects of music. Contact the staff at Pacific Quest to help you and your teenager tune out all the noise and find a sense of inner peace.

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