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Outdoor Therapy for Struggling Teens with Pacific Quest

Outdoor Therapy for Struggling Teens with Pacific Quest

Have you been looking for different options in helping your struggling teen or troubled young adult? Life can be challenging at times, and it’s important to find the necessary help. This is where Pacific Quest can help. Our Outdoor Therapy program will revitalize and empower your child to live a fuller life. Learn about the benefits of outdoor therapy and how Pacific Quest can be the answer.

What is Outdoor Therapy?

This unique type of therapy has roots in both Eastern and Western civilizations since it urges the individual to escape from one’s confines—whether it’s the social media crazed world we live in, or the mounting stress of society and school work. To sum it up, outdoor therapy, also known as wilderness therapy, aims to bring troubled individuals back to the healing powers of nature.

Outdoor therapy approaches addiction with compassion instead of punishment and humiliation. The reason this treatment method has been growing and becoming more popular is simple: the best way to fight the stigmas of society is to reconnect with nature!

Some ways outdoor therapy works:

  • Integrate person back to nature
  • Separates person from technology
  • Strengthens and revitalizes the individual
  • Group therapy to overcome social phobias

Different Types of Outdoor Therapy

While outdoor therapy is more of an umbrella term, it can have a lot of different approaches. Some therapy programs boast grueling hikes through the mountains, while others form strict isolation rules. Check out some good examples of outdoor therapy below.

Different Types of Outdoor Therapy:

  • Rope Course
  • Rigorous Mountain Climbs
  • Wilderness Therapy
  • Expeditions in Rough/Isolated Terrain
  • Trust Exercises

As you can see, many of these involve pulling a troubled youth into nature and testing their physical and mental limits. This is where Pacific Quest is different.

How Pacific Quest incorporates the natural world to inspire and transform young adults

Our nature-orientated program stems from the Hawaiian belief of “Aloha Aina,” also known as love of the land. Through the course of our program, your troubled child will learn to take care of the land—with the help of our clinically-certified horticulturalist, feed their sustainable community, and learn life-changing habits to live a healthier life.

Throughout their time here they will find fulfillment in the idea that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Using cutting edge, research-based therapy techniques, our team will cultivate an individual plan, unique to your child’s needs. Your child will work with others, have personal as well as group therapy sessions, and work on making healthier habits.

Since we are located on the Big Island of Hawaii, our facility is in the best spot to incorporate nature into every part of life. Many of our therapy sessions are even held outdoors, such as underneath a tree, kayaking, planting in our garden, and more!

Some Key Life Skills Learned with Outdoor Therapy

  • time management
  • organization
  • exercise habits
  • meal planning
  • cooking
  • sustainable practices
  • community living
  • self-care

Learn about our clinical-based enrichment programs and the benefits of our treatment programs.

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We understand how helpless and overwhelmed you feel over finding the right place for your child’s treatment. The key is that you are not alone. If you are in desperate need for help for your troubled child or young adult, let the team at Pacific Quest be your answer!

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