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Pacific Quest Helps Teens With Internet Addiction

Pacific Quest Helps Teens With Internet Addiction

Do you have a teenager who is suffering from internet addiction? Has it left your teen trapped indoors and unable to properly take care of themselves?

In this digital media-obsessed world, it’s hard to unplug and reconnect with family and friends without addressing this issue and get the help you need. Pacific Quest helps internet addiction in teens and they’ll get a fresh start with our wilderness therapy program!

What is Internet Addiction in Teens?

Internet addiction is rather hard to define due to the fact it isn’t specific to one device, such as a gambling addiction or certain chemical addictions. Roughly, it can be described as a constant, dependent need to stay “connected” to a digital device for the next instant high.

Internet addiction isn’t officially considered as a disorder in the United States even though a growing number of young Americans suffer from being addicted to their screens and social media. The more scientific groups try to research it, the messier and messier it gets, and it even shares similar characteristics to an impulse control disorder since it can be intoxicating to get a consistent fix through one more game or show. Nevertheless, there are key warning signs that could indicate your child is suffering from this addictions.

Warning Signs of Internet Addiction in Teens

  • Changes in mood
  • Lost interest in hobbies
  • Anxiety in social settings
  • Decreased connection with family and friends
  • Preoccupation with internet and digital devices
  • Inability to control amount of intake (eg: just one more episodes, just to the next level, etc.)
  • Increased internet usage for immediate satisfaction
  • Used to avoid problems in their life

As you can see, there is a plethora of signs that your teen may be suffering from this type of addiction, and it’s important to tackle this problem right away. Learn more about what’s at stake for their well-being.

How Does Internet Addiction in Teens Mirror Chemical Addiction?

Internet addiction in teens is a unique issue that is getting attention from scholarly psychiatry associations with the rise of new social media devices. Teens and other individuals suffering from this addiction mirror those suffering from chemical addictions in many ways.

Think about it: Teenagers go through so many changes physically, mentally, and emotionally that it can be hard to deal with. Checking social media pages, playing video games, and watching favorite tv shows can be a euphoric escape from harsh realities. When life gets hard, they can “get a fix” by submerging themselves into news articles, needless browsing, and binge watching.

These are similar to those with chemical dependency looking for a quick fix, since both substances target the pleasure sensors in the brain. They even share similar withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, depression, and physical shaking. Therefore, the way to treat internet addiction in teens is to treat it like the disease it is.

How Does Pacific Quest Help Treat Internet Addiction in Teens?

We understand that you may be feeling exhausted and at a loss for what to do to help treat your teen’s internet addiction. While some other countries, like China, have tried to treat internet addiction in teens with strict boot camps, we want to urge you to try a different way.

The best way to beat technology is to fight it with it’s counterpart: a return to nature. Our facility is located on the Big Island of Hawai’i which allows us to bring a unique approach to treating mental health and addiction in a safe environment. Our qualified team will assess your teen’s needs and craft a specific plan to help empower them to be the best version of themselves.

Many of our therapy sessions are even held in nature—whether it’s working our sustainable garden, kayaking in the sea, or underneath a tree. Throughout the course of your teen’s time here, they will learn how to build sustainable life-long habits, find a deeper meaning outside technology, and grow as a person. Learn more about our success stories.

Overall, we will work with your child to find a deeper, spiritual connection to nature, alleviate their internet addiction, and learn to be more self-sustainable. Connection is key!

The Time Is Now… There is still hope, here, at Pacific Quest!

Don’t wait for things to get worse. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions and to set up a consultation on our office line, 808-937-5806, or email us.

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