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Intermediate Treatment Options for Teens - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Intermediate Treatment Options for Teens – Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Do you have a teen who is in serious need of help? Maybe they are struggling with ADD, Anxiety/depression, or something else making them fall behind. No matter how stressful and emotionally draining this time may be, it’s important to remember you are not alone. The team at Pacific Quest is here to help offer you and your family intermediate treatment options for your teen with our wilderness therapy program.

What Is An Intermediate Treatment Option?

Did you know Pacific Quest is an internationally recognized intermediate treatment option for teens who are struggling from numerous issues? Since many troubled teens need to be removed from their environment in order to break bad habits, intermediate treatment options are great places for transitional cases. If you notice your child is in desperate need, but you aren’t sure you want to take extreme options- like hospitalization or switching schools, it’s best to utilize an intermediate treatment option like the immersive wilderness therapy program at Pacific Quest.

Our intermediate treatment options for teens can help get them out of stressful situations and help create a plan of success. Under careful supervision on our ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii, they will learn valuable life skills in a safe environment to carry with them on their journey to recovery.

Pacific Quest: A Place for Hope

At Pacific Quest, we center our wilderness therapy program on the idea of love of the land. Our horticultural therapy is the fundamental part of our wilderness therapy program. By working our garden and participating in daily activities within our community, your child will both learn to love and appreciate herself as well as the land. Wilderness therapy can be one of the best choices for immediate treatment options for teens because it uses evidence-based approaches combined with safe counseling and group activity to promote healthy transition. At Pacific Quest, our goal is to build strong life skills, focus on finding a deeper meaning in life, and creating healthier bonds with one’s family in order to help with the transition after leaving Pacific Quest.

Learn more about our horticultural approach to wilderness therapy.

The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy


  • Individual Treatment: Our team of professional clinical, wellness, and horticultural therapists will create plans based on your teen’s unique needs which includes groups, individual, as well as familial sessions.
  • Responsibility: Your child will work to both plant, prepare, cook, and clean for our community. Through this shared activity, they will learn how to take care of others as well as themselves.
  • Creating Deeper Bonds: Family, aka Ohana, is essential to the PQ experience. We incorporate several family therapy sessions and programs to help repair bonds and create healthy transition upon leaving the program.
  • Establishing Life Skills: Through daily repetition, your child will learn valuable skills like time management, personal hygiene care and more.
  • A Sense of Purpose: By actively participating in working our garden, feeding our community, and working together, your child will feel a part of something bigger and gain a greater sense of purpose.


Learn more about the benefits of sending your teen to Pacific Quest on our Outcome Studies page.

Check out some testimonials to our program below

“Best program out there. We got our amazing daughter back and she is now even more amazing. We have and will continue to recommend this program. Even as parents we learned a lot about ourselves and are better parents and people because of our experience with Pacific Quest.” -PQ Parent

“Pacific Quest was incredibly successful in turning my life around. I went from being depressed and suicidal when I arrived to being a happy, successful, and contributing member of the Ohana as well as my family. The things I learned at PQ helped prepare me to be more emotionally mature than the vast majority of people my age and helped set me up for later academic success. I am now very happy and use tools from PQ to help me stay successful.” -PQ Alumni

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