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Intermediate Treatment Options for Teenagers - Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Intermediate Treatment Options for Teenagers – Pacific Quest: Wilderness Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Teenagers are a walking jumble of contradictions. Just when they need their parents the most, they’re pushing you away, often in favor of spending time with their peers. Staying close to your teen while giving him or her the necessary space to grow up can be a tricky balancing act, especially if your teen is struggling. For teens who are dealing with depression, eating disorders or something else beyond just typical growing pains and adolescent angst, living at home and attending the local school may not be the best choice.

Instead, finding intermediate treatment options for teenagers can help your child learn positive ways to cope with whatever challenge he or she is facing and can teach you and your family how to support your teen during this difficult period.

What Are Your Options?

If your darling child has turned into a teenage tyrant, your teen may be wrestling with typical teenage issues. If, however, your child has changed in significant ways, such as spending time with a new friend group, losing interest in favorite activities or struggling in school for the first time, then your teen may need help. You do not have to face this challenge alone.

For some teens, staying in the same home and school environment makes it nearly impossible to enact any kind of positive change in their lives, and they need to leave their familiar surroundings. Looking for intermediate treatment options for teenagers may be the answer you and your family have been looking for. At programs such as Pacific Quest, which is on the Big Island of Hawaii, struggling teens are taught to leave old patterns of behavior behind in favor of positive, productive habits. Intermediate treatment options give teens the tools they need to feel empowered to face challenges, and places like Pacific Quest teach families how to support their children in becoming their best selves.

In fact, parents and families are an integral part of the treatment process. At Pacific Quest, for example, parents can work on a comprehensive family curriculum that aligns with their child’s individualized treatment plan and can discuss the curriculum with the program’s therapists during weekly phone calls. In addition, parents of Pacific Quest students participate in an on-site Family Workshop, which takes place about half way during a teen’s stay. This workshop gives teens the chance to show their parents all they’ve learned while at Pacific Quest and to participate in activities together.

The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

One of the best intermediate treatment options for teenagers is wilderness therapy. At Pacific Quest, the program is centered around an experiential outdoor classroom and a holistic approach to healing. Wilderness therapy focuses on the restorative power of nature to help adolescents learn how to overcome personal challenges.

Students who have chosen Pacific Quest in their search for intermediate treatment options for teenagers have learned how to manage their emotions, navigate family relationships, take personal responsibility for their actions and feel more self-confident.

Through horticultural therapy, which uses gardening activities in conjunction with traditional counseling techniques, students are placed in caregiving roles that enable them to make a positive difference as they grow fruits and vegetables that nourish their peers. In caring for the land and their peers, the students are empowered by the change they create. A wilderness therapy program like the one at Pacific Quest will also incorporate life skills such as time management, organization, community living, exercise, meal planning, cooking and self-care. The lessons students learn at a wilderness therapy program should stay with them for a lifetime.

The Pacific Quest Difference

Among intermediate treatment options for teenagers, Pacific Quest has distinguished itself for over 20 years. One former student shared the following reflection: “Pacific Quest was incredibly successful in turning my life around…The things I learned at PQ helped prepare me to be more emotionally mature than the vast majority of people my age and helped set me up for later academic success. I am now very happy and use tools from PQ to help me stay successful.”

A parent of a former Pacific Quest student wrote the following: “Best program out there. We got our amazing daughter back and she is now even more amazing. We have and will continue to recommend this program. Even as parents we learned a lot about ourselves and are better parents and people because of our experience with Pacific Quest.”

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