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Horticulture Therapy

Horticulture Therapy

Do you have a troubled youth who is struggling to find joy in their life, acting out, or falling behind in school? We understand this is a challenging and emotionally draining time for you and your family. This is why we want to remind you that you are not alone: the team at Pacific Quest is here to help revitalize and renew your struggling teen with the healing practice of horticultural therapy.

What Exactly Is Horticultural Therapy?

Horticultural therapy is basically all about developing a deeper relationship to your food by planting, tending to, and cultivating fresh food. Our program takes this a step further by having an organic, sustainable farm that everyone works to feed our community. The base of this belief focuses on merging both the science of growing food and the psychological practices of therapy to develop and work for a healthier lifestyle. It focuses on merging both the science of growing food and the psychological practices of therapy to help build a healthier lifestyle.

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“Aloha Aina”

Having a direct connection with nature is very important, and, unfortunately, seriously lacking within our modern culture. Since we are located on the Big Island of Oahu, our facility offers a chance to utilize nature activities, such as maintaining our sustainable garden, to instilling valuable life lessons. We also offer other outdoor activities and therapy sessions that work both the mind and body.

It is through the repetitive patterned actives that your child will develop their human psyche, heal their bodies, and heal their minds. Here at Pacific Quest, we focus on “Aloha Aina,” also known as, “Love of the land,” to create nature-orientated programs to help troubled youths reconnect with nature and find deeper meaning within their own lives.

Did you know that direct connection with nature promotes a biological healing process in the autonomic nervous system? Healthcare professionals are realizing the importance of mother nature when it comes to healing and revitalizing individuals.

In an article in the American Psychological Association, psychologist Steve DeBois simplifies one of the many reasons why wilderness and other nature-based programs are so effective is because “it doesn’t feel like therapy.” Instead, troubled individuals can have meaningful experiences within a safe environment at their own speed. This is the key to all our wilderness therapy programs, and you can see just some of our many benefits below!

Benefits of Choosing Pacific Quest for Wilderness and Horticulture Therapy

  • Responsibility: Your child will take on more responsibility like feeding our community, as well as learn and appreciate more self-care.
  • Healthy Balance: All our activities and therapy sessions are aimed to promote emotional, physical, and psychological health.
  • Focused Health Plans: Our small team of medical, wellness, and horticultural professionals will create individual based plans to help target your child’s specific needs.
  • Building Blocks: You child will come away with valuable life skills, such as personal care, time management, and more.
  • A Sense of Purpose: We ALL want to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. By working in the garden, you child will gain a greater sense of purpose and community.

Hear What Other Pacific Quest Families Have To Say about our Horticulture Therapy Program

“Pacific Quest was incredibly successful in turning my life around. I went from being depressed and suicidal when I arrived to being a happy, successful, and contributing member of the Ohana as well as my family. The things I learned at PQ helped prepare me to be more emotionally mature than the vast majority of people my age and helped set me up for later academic success. I am now very happy and use tools from PQ to help me stay successful.” -PQ Alumni

“Our daughter learned through PQ’s teachings about the powerful metaphorical relationship between nature and personal growth. She learned through the mind-body-spirit paradigm. She learned – and even more importantly – thrived  under the supervision of a staff for whom we grew to have so much admiration and respect.” -PQ Parent

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