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Do you have a struggling teen or adolescent who is acting out or lost direction? When it seems hopeless, it’s time for a different way of thinking. Help is around the corner at Pacific Quest with adventure based therapy.

What is adventure based therapy?

Adventure based counseling, also referred to as ABC for short, incorporates “low-element challenge courses and group oriented programs that help participants learn to increase self-awareness, accept responsibility for their choices, act in an intentional manner, and emphasize [their] potential.” To read more about adventure based counseling and it’s formation click the link here. This type of counseling started as a school curriculum in an outpatient hospital in the 1970s and has developed into many different types of programs today.

adventure based therapy

Pacific Quest offers young adults safe, loving adventure based therapy options.

Different types of Adventure Based Therapy

  • Rope course
  • Rigorous mountain climbs
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Expeditions into rough terrain
  • Trust exercises

The core goal behind these adventure based counseling programs is to encourage troubled youths to reconnect with themselves through nature. You can read more about that here in PDF form. At Pacific Quest, we take that to a whole new level with our horticultural program.

Where Adventure Meets Nature

Adventure based therapy largely incorporates problem solving activities that rely on group initiative to solve. These can be rope courses and positive humor to test physical and mental strength. Here at Pacific Quest, we take these activities and apply individualized caring programs based on each child’s need. We believe that each young person is capable of positive growth and change. 

Benefits of Adventure Based Therapy:

  • boosted self-esteem
  • increased socialization
  • symbiotic relationship with nature

Here at Pacific Quest, we create nature-orientated programs geared towards helping struggling young adults find more meaning and balance in their lives. Our skilled clinicians and guides combine horticultural therapy and individualized plans for success to help each child’s distinct challenges.

Through their work here, they will feel fulfillment in the idea that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. We teach from the old Hawaiian belief of “Aloha Aina,” also known as love of the land. By learning to love the land, take care of the crops, feed their community, and maintain healthy habits, they learn to love themselves.

Finding Answers in Nature Not Violence–Adventure Based Therapy

We believe in the power of adventure based counseling, but we do not encourage or present your child with traumatic of violent actions. Instead, we push for personal growth in a supportive environment. Through seemingly mundane tasks like cooking food for the camp or no exposure to media devices, these young adults become more peaceful. While we are not “drill sergeants,” our clinicians and guides are taught to aim for rehabilitation and peace instead of severe punishments to encourage a child’s success. Furthermore, we aim to instill valuable life skills that aid in their neurological development.

Some Key Life Skills Learned through Adventure Based Therapy

  • time management
  • organization
  • exercise habits
  • meal planning
  • cooking
  • sustainable practices
  • community living
  • self-care

Overall, Pacific Quest aims to enhance the social, cognitive and physiological functioning that is necessary to living a healthier life.

A Place For Hope

We understand how helpless you may feel over finding the right treatment for your struggling youth. Remember that you are not alone. If you are in desperate need of positive change in your child’s life, let us at Pacific Quest be your answer.

Feel free to contact us with any of your questions and to set up a consultation on our office line, 808-937-5806, or email us.

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