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Every kid is different. Every teenager is an individual. Every person has a unique personality, their own set of needs and desires. While some kids respond well to traditional therapy methods, others struggle to make it work with their personality. Maybe you’ve found that with your child, counseling and other common methods of therapy haven’t made a big difference.

For many young adults, it is helpful to get out of their personal bubble and use hands-on methods to grow and learn. If your child learns by doing, adventure based counseling could be just what they need.

Adventure based counseling is growing and healing through experiences with the outdoors.

It is in nature that the most immense and positive changes often happen, when adolescents overcome personal challenges in an enriching and supportive environment. When a young adult is in nature a symbiotic relationship forms, often for the first time. They find that they can benefit from the land if they take care of it in return. Away from phones, computers, and video games, they often gain a sense of peace and purpose in their beautiful, vibrant surroundings.

adventure based counseling

Pacific Quest is a wilderness therapy program with adventure based counseling.

When adolescents find themselves out of their comfort zone, accomplishing things they never thought they could, change is inevitable. The benefits of wilderness therapy are high in number. Self-esteem is boosted when young adults see themselves thriving in nature and learning how to take care of themselves. Socialization is improved as a sense of community develops, and teamwork becomes essential. Trusting their peers becomes easier, and making friends is easier when they have a shared sense of purpose. Important skills are developed, and a new perspective on life is gained.

The biggest difference between adventure based therapy and traditional therapy methods is the powerful and restorative effects of experiencing something rather than just talking about it. When a young adult sees what happens to the world around them when they are kind, responsible, compassionate, and confident, they will rediscover their motivation to do so.

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At Pacific Quest, we believe in the power of adventure based counseling, but this isn’t a boot camp. We don’t present experiences that are traumatizing or violent. Instead, we work with our participants to push them to grow while still respecting their individual needs, and we allow everyone to experience their own growth in their own time. While the adventure is incredibly important, so is the time in between. It is often in the seemingly mundane tasks like making dinner or forgetting their attachment to their cell phone that young adults grow more peaceful.  

Pacific Quest is the only outdoor-based therapy program with a fully integrated medical and wellness team. In addition to wilderness therapy, we include other methods, such as individual and group therapy, horticultural therapy, naturopathic medicine, experiential life skills, and more. We do all of this thanks to our full clinical team of highly experienced, licensed clinicians.

It’s a big decision, but why keep hoping traditional therapy methods will suddenly work? It may be a big step for your son or daughter, but we are confident they will return from our program happy and rejuvenated, benefitting from sustainable growth that began with us. Getting them the help they need is the biggest act of love there is.

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